21 Ukrainian brands to know and support

21 Ukrainian brands to know and support

With Ukraine needing support more than ever, here’s a roundup of designers whose work you can support.

Ukraine has been exposed to the most heartbreaking political, economic and human situation since the outbreak

of war by Russia. And it is obvious that in such moments, mutual aid is a great ally. This is also true for

the fashion industry, as fashion professionals have been affected and dispersed throughout Europe, Ukraine and

beyond, like many others. Today, these creative talents need support. Vogue seeks to give them visibility, to

make their voices heard and to relay them in order to help these artists promote their work and the culture

of their country. Compilation of Ukrainian brands that you can already follow closely.  View more What can the fashion industry do for Ukraine? Here is the answer

Community.Bettter.us is a non-profit digital platform that connects the fashion industry with displaced Ukrainian

fashion professionals, whether they are stylists, photographers, or others.

BySarah Mower

21 Ukrainian brands to know and support


Brands you need to know to discover Ukrainian fashion

Ruslan Baginskiy

Founded in 2022 by Ruslan Baginskiy: Waterproof Tire Leather Sweet Ice Cream, the eponymous brand has made hats its signature. The first models were handmade by the designer, who was then

gaining experience in Ukrainian artisanal workshops where unique production technologies were preserved; Boys’ Grade School Black/Court Purple/White . “When I was looking at archival photos from the 20th century, it always seemed unfair that hats have depreciated

over the years and an entire culture has disappeared. I want to restore the grandeur of this headgear: Www Lowprofilestore Com Collections Revenge X Storm Products Revenge X Storm Black, it deserves to be an essential part of men’s and women’s wardrobes,” he explains about his brand. Inspired

by art, Ukrainian national costumes, family photos and fashion shoots: https://sykes-fitch.technetbloggers.de/coach-women-belt-bag-coach-belt-bag-macys-carryall-signature-c-tartan, the designer boldly experiments with traditional shapes to create fashionable hats:


in Florence and on luisaviaroma.com.

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Born into a family of four generations of tailors, Ukrainian designer Lilia Litkovskaya founded her eponymous brand

in 2022 after studying art history and earning a master’s degree from the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. Blending tradition

with a modern aesthetic, her mission is to preserve this craft and the craftsmanship that surrounds it, while integrating

it into a contemporary context. And for good reason, she is particularly interested in eco-responsibility and ethical

work. Her production is made in Ukraine while her fabrics come from local suppliers: https://www.click4r.com/posts/g/4462813/asics-gt-2-black-bright-orange, but also from Italy and Japan, as well as from surplus stock from luxury houses. She also reuses her previous

collections or vintage clothes from Kiev flea markets to create new unique pieces. Her passion for the craft

is indeed appreciated in the materials and cuts, inhabited by influences that are sometimes masculine, with

ultra-structured jackets inspired by the military wardrobe, sometimes feminine with minimalist dresses. 

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Nadya Dzyak

Founded in 2022, the brand stands out for its attention to detail, its keen sense of feminine fashion and

sophistication, but also for its play with volumes, optical illusions and the use of color on clothes. Using

a technique that consists of manually arranging pleated elements and ruffles, Nadya Dzyak creates unique pieces

while paying particular attention to the craftsmanship of her country. Something to showcase the strengths

of Ukrainian fashion at home and beyond. 

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Trendy knitwear, an asymmetrical dress, a redesigned shirt for men… The Bobkova brand has its own idea of

fashion. With a strength of proposal for casual clothing devoid of any gender stereotype, she emphasizes creativity

as much as simplicity. In addition, the designer has a particular taste for shoes, handbags and handmade accessories.

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Anton Belinskiy

In 2022, Ukrainian designer Anton Belinskiy brings a breath of fresh air to the fashion ecosystem. After studying

at the Taras Shevchenko Repiblic Art Shool and the Fashion Institute of Design and Technology, he launched

his eponymous brand. From then on, he drew the contours of a deeply youthful fashion, with eclectic inspirations

ranging from Ukrainian cultural traditions to religious iconography (religion was dear to his family) to street

aesthetics. His urban accents have been growing since the American label New Balance invited him to create

a collaborative collection in 2022. Since then, Anton Belinskiy has become their main ambassador and partner

in Ukraine. He also works with local talents, including his friend and accessory designer Maria Proskurovskaya,

and while he tends to favor natural fabrics, such as cotton and silk, he also dabbles in the use of high-tech

materials, such as woven leather. All for an ever-honed expertise of clothing and fashion.

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Whether at home or in the city, day or night, Sleeper pajamas have truly become a fashion staple. True homewear

essentials, these pieces originally intended for the intimate space and sleep have been revalued in recent

years, with the need for confinement and work at home. And that’s where Sleeper comes in, with a mission to

inject them with extra style. By focusing on models with clean lines and sophisticated details, the essential

nightwear is now adorned with feathers, bows or ruffles. So many recognizable elements that have made this

Ukrainian brand one of the most viral labels of the moment, especially via Instagram, capable of seducing

the characters of our favorite series (did you notice it on Charlotte in the hit series And Just Like That?)

as much as the fashionable girls.

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Ksenia Schnaider

You may have seen their pieces on Sophie Turner, Gigi Hadid, Blanca Miro or Estelle Chemouny… Behind them

is the young brand Ksenia Schnaider and a creative couple: Ksenia Schnaider and Anton Schnaider. Their credo

is upcycling, patchwork and vintage denim. Because sustainability is one of their most important commitments,

they have made it the DNA of the brand. Thus, they produce all their clothes locally, in Ukraine. The cuts,

the techniques and the attention to detail are in line with a respectful confection and a sustainable use

of materials. All for creations that are adapted to active life and always resistant over the years. 

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Established in Kiev since 2022, BEVZA offers womenswear infused with a clean and sophisticated aesthetic.

Sleek and elegant silhouettes, clean cuts and a minimal color palette are at the heart of each of its collections.

All with a focus on updating Ukrainian motifs. To achieve this, founder and creative director Svitlana Bevza

continually explores the national heritage, and meticulously works on the ethnic symbols and cultural codes

of her country. And because she believes in the importance of an ethic towards work and nature, each piece

is made to last (some garments, for example, are made from recycled plastic and leftover fabrics).

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For lovers of comfort and things that make sense, Chereshnivska imagines unisex and casual clothing collections

guided by a strong central idea. What is that idea? That of promoting a different and better fashion because

it respects both creation and the planet. Each article is produced only on order, by a single tailor. The

ornaments are unique and hand-drawn by the artist Anastasiya Rozava. Upcycling, vintage fashion and zero waste

are also exploited (the brand notably recovers dormant Soviet fabrics from the 1970s-1980s with mainly wool,

cotton and authentic military parachute silk) in order to show how possible and necessary it is to produce

better, but also to consume better. 

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Created by women for women, Norba has made sportswear its area of expertise. Founded in 2022 by two sisters,

Olha and Helen Norba, this Ukrainian brand offers chic and comfortable collections. From yoga clothes to swimsuits

to more loungwear pieces, each model is designed to make the woman who wears it feel good. In neutral and

easy to wear colors, these wardrobe essentials take the opposite direction of the logotyped and audacious

fashion (spearheaded by the most famous sports brands on the market), to return to something simpler, more

minimal. The goal? To highlight the feminine beauty as it is. A sense of authenticity that is also found in

the search for more eco-responsible alternatives to traditional fashion. In this sense, some collections have,

for example, been designed in Econyl, a regenerated nylon made from various waste such as fishing nets or

fabric scraps.

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Finalist of the first edition of the LVMH prize, Julie Paskal launched her eponymous brand in 2022. Now known

for her delicate, minimalist silhouettes and creative laser-cutting techniques, she draws her inspiration

from design and innovative architecture (a field she studied during her academic training) as well as from

nature. The result? Clothes with an aesthetic that is both strong and sensitive.

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Anna October

Sensitivity and freedom. These are the watchwords of the Ukrainian brand Anna October. The clothing is used

to express oneself and one’s personality, as a tool to help women see themselves as they are or aspire to

be: confident and determined. To this end, designer Anna October has developed a wardrobe of feminine essentials

ranging from evening gowns to cashmere sweaters and lingerie. Shortlisted for the prestigious LVMH Prize in

2022 and then part of Mercedes-Benz’s “Generation Now, Generation Next” project in 2022 (an initiative that

highlights new trendsetters and the talents of tomorrow), the brand has made its mark in the elitist industry

that is fashion. And thanks to its expertise in clothing, combined with a certain vision of sustainability

(a large part of the pieces are handmade using artisanal techniques and the collections are created from end-of-line

textiles) everything suggests that it still has beautiful creative years ahead of it. 

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Knitwear specialist, T.Mosca is a young Ukrainian brand launched in 2022 by designers Ekaterina Kvit and Oksana

Shapovalova. Together, they imagine and create knitwear in all its forms and materials (silk, wool, cotton).

The best part? The fashion details that slip into the models: a cut-out dress, another with a plunging bare

back, knitted flare pants… So rustproof pieces that know how to play with the latest trends.

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At DZHUS, fashion is either conceptual or not. Founded in 2010 by Ukrainian designer and stylist Irina Dzhus,

the brand aims to be avant-garde and innovative, but with a notable penchant for the utilitarian. With multi-purpose,

ethically designed and vegan clothing, DZHUS has made a name for itself in the fashion market. In fact, in

2022, she won the Cruelty-free Fashion award at the Best Fashion Awards, the most prestigious fashion ranking

in Ukraine. 

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Beautiful materials, attention to detail and quality tailoring. These are the 3 pillars of the Katimō brand.

With a minimalist aesthetic with a touch of retro, the brand’s style is both elegant and easy to wear. So,

boldly detailed dresses, classic sweatshirts, oversized blazers and timeless coats always combine that vintage

spirit with a contemporary look. 

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Katerina Kvit

Katerina Kvit, an economist turned designer, honed her fashion expertise at Milan’s Instituto Marangoni before

launching her eponymous brand in 2010. Known for her use of leather, the designer masters both sportswear

and more graphic pieces. Based in Kiev, she regularly participates in Ukrainian Fashion Week and is now considered

one of the country’s leading ready-to-wear brands. Keep an eye on her. 

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Founded in 2022 by Dima Yevenko, IENKI IENKI (pronounced “yenki yenki”) is a young brand based in Kiev. Inspired

by the heritage of the Nordic countries and the outwear wardrobe, it reinterprets these traditional clothes

with a good dose of modernity so that they flatter the silhouette while giving them a real visual identity.

And it is successful if you believe the personalities like Bella and Gigi Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Kourtney

Kardashian, Irina Shayk or Hailey Bieber who have already adopted them.

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But also some jewelry brands from Ukraine:

Chego Jewelry

For this young Ukrainian brand based in Kiev, jewelry is an everyday accessory. With raw models, contemporary

and avant-garde aesthetics, they dress up an earlobe and turn a hand into a work of art. To help his country,

Chego Jewelry has even created a special collection of virtual heart-shaped jewelry (with the inscription

“always close to my heart”), which can be bought to provide financial support to the people of Ukraine. All

proceeds from these NFTs will be directly donated to the Ukrainian army as well as to humanitarian associations

present on the spot. 

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Logvin Jewelry

Created by Vadim Logvinenko, this Ukrainian brand offers fine jewelry where the shape is worked in all its

geometry, like a sculpture. Asymmetrical hoop earrings, rectangular cuffs, silver chokers and precious pieces…

Minimalist but with just the right amount of originality, they can be worn alone or in an accumulation. The

best part? Behind each Logvin Jewerlry model is a beautiful meaning. For any sale made, part of the profits

is directly donated to humanitarian associations in charge of helping the Ukrainian population facing the


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Silver Stories

Silver Stories brilliantly blends fantasy and quality: the silver jewelry is adorned with natural crystals

and semi-precious stones such as opal, moonstone, quartz, aquamarine, spinel, but also mother-of-pearl, natural

pearls and shells. On the program, colorful necklaces to wear as lucky charms, anklets and summer body chains,

or delicate earrings. What to fill the mood and bring a wind of freshness to his silhouette. 

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POCHE is a Ukrainian jewelry brand founded by Tati, a former fashion consultant in London, and Nadya, who

worked in the field of commercial and financial communication. Driven by the common desire to found their

own jewelry label, they both combined taste and passion in this project. Their credo is to create combinations

and superimpositions of jewels, capable of bringing an original and always singular result. To realize them,

the designers work closely with experienced artisans, who shape each piece by hand. 

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