A filmA film, a cult costume: the blue dress of Michelle Pfeiffer in

A film, a cult costume: the blue dress of Michelle Pfeiffer in

It took a few years for Brian de Palma’s Scarface to be recognized as a masterpiece by the critics and the general

public. But one element of the film has always been unquestionably admired: Michelle Pfeiffer, aka Elvira Hancock,

in a blue silk dress. Vogue reveals all the secrets of one of the most mythical and glamorous outfits in cinema.

Miami, 1980. Three gangsters are discussing business when a creature straight out of a dream invites itself to the

conversation. The divine apparition is Elvira Hancock, played by the very young Michelle Pfeiffer. The heroine with

the blond bob attracts all the attention of the three men and Tony Montana – like the spectator – sees only by her.

Draped in a blue silk dress, Michelle Pfeiffer reveals a slender figure underlined by an outfit that leaves no one

indifferent. If the character has been able to stand out in the film of Brian de Palma, it is partly thanks to its

style signed Patricia Norris. Plunging neckline, bare back and vertiginous slit from the top of the thigh to the

ankle, the dress of Elvira Hancock has become a movie icon all by itself.

  • Michelle Pfeiffer in “Scarface
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  • An outfit with multiple facets

Looking at Michelle Pfeiffer’s blue silk dress in Scarface, the neophyte would see it as an outfit designed to amaze

men and overwhelm women who would like to look like her. But Patricia Norris goes even further in the construction

of this mythical dress with the neckline embroidered with rhinestones. The little fabric used by the costume designer

says a lot about the character of Elvira Hancock. First, on the origins: the Scarface of Brian de Palma being a remake

of the film of Howard Hawks released in 1932, it was natural to integrate winks. Rather than a garment with frills

and colorful prints as was done in the 1980s, Patricia Norris opts for an outfit inspired by the Hollywood glamour

of the 1930s. The slit on the thigh, the V neckline and the shimmering material of the dress of Elvira Hancock are

not without recalling the outfits of Jean Harlow in The Public Enemy of William A. Wellman. This minimalism does not

detract from the fatal charm of Elvira who seems to move like a muse floating in her silk drape. On the contrary,

for Patricia Norris less is more. Michelle Pfeiffer’s simple but sultry dress contrasts with Tony Montana’s flashy

outfit. The two characters do not belong to the same class and this is felt in their sense of style. Trapped in her

environment and surrounded by money, Elvira Hancock dresses luxuriously but could go unnoticed by the extravagant

trends of the time. What makes her unforgettable is the charm and allure of the actress who plays her. Patricia Norris

kept this silhouette throughout the film, giving the actress a wardrobe full of plunging necklines, sensual outfits

and silky materials. To her wardrobe is added an iconic blonde haircut. Completed by a maxi fringe almost childish,

her hairstyle offset the explosive sensuality of the character.

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Like Mia’s outfit in Pulp Fiction, for Halloween, Elvira’s look is imitated by many it girls like Kaia



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