After the crop top and the jockstrap

After the crop top and the jockstrap, VTMNTS bets on the combo micro-shorts and waders for men

Sexy, bold and thigh-highs!

Flashback: it all starts on Instagram when in June 2021, Vetements announces a “secret project” via a

mysterious video and a new private account (followed by 210k followers), all of which set the fashion

sphere abuzz.

Devoid of vowels, and completely distinct from Vetements, VTMNTS, now exclusively driven by Guram Gvasalia,

had unveiled its fall-winter 2022-2023 collection where leather, jockstrap and men’s crop top reigned

supreme in a former Monoprix on Boulevard Raspail in the heart of the 7th arrondissement of Paris. The

label returns for spring-summer 2023 with a new collection presented digitally.

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  • Vetements lifts the veil (finally) on its secret project, VTMNTS
  • By Alexandre Marain

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A collection advocating gender equality

After the disused French supermarket, VTMNTS relies on a new Swiss infrastructure where the grunge impulse

silhouettes of the fashion show were presented. “We are in a church of the future, where you belong simply

by being your true self. The main message of the collection is gender equality. It’s about knowing who

you are, standing up for what you believe in,” Guram Gvasalia tells Vogue. Cheap Replica Soccer Jerseys Thailand VTMNTS spring-summer 2023

Gio Staiano VTMNTS spring-summer 2023

Gio Staiano liehambentti1981 VTMNTS spring-summer 2023

Gio Staiano

Already last season, the designer had shown boldness with subversive creations that break the boundaries of gender.

In particular, he indulged in the cropped trend by shrinking the down jacket and leather jacket to the chest,

infusing a dose of cool into the look, and tested the fetish fashion as a guideline for his collection, via leather

pants paired with exposed jockstraps. He continues his momentum for Spring/Summer 2023 with equally fearless

garments: the micro-shorts, which make a maximum effect in the trends of the moment, are adorned with denim or

moiré material, while thigh-high boots become second skin and lengthen the figure. VTMNTS spring-summer 2023

Gio Staiano Vintage Court Tote Green Leather Cross Body Bag VTMNTS spring-summer 2023

Gio Staiano

VTMNTS spring-summer 2023

Gio Staiano

All genders represented in the fashion show wear the same clothes. The collection also includes jackets and

shirts cut below the chest, quilted jackets, puffy bombers, sweatpants with a vintage aesthetic, pants with

a visible logo… Guram Gvasalia has fun hijacking the classics to halo them with sexy details and also desacralizes

the myth of virility. Maybe that’s the recipe that works.

VTMNTS spring-summer 2023

Gio Staiano

VTMNTS spring-summer 2023

Gio Staiano

VTMNTS spring-summer 2023

Gio Staiano

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