Angèle appropriates 90’s inspired Chanel looks for her “Nonante-Cinq” tour

Angèle appropriates 90’s inspired Chanel looks for her “Nonante-Cinq” tour

Did you know that the outfits worn by Angèle on her tour

This is the very first time that Chanel has created custom-made stage costumes. And it is for the Belgian

singer-songwriter Angèle that the house wanted to do it, on the occasion of her Nonante-Cinq Tour, named

after her second album released in December 2021. Name that refers to his year of birth, 1995. But what

you may not know is that it is also an echo to the Chanel spring-summer 1995 collection. Because if the

singer has always had a penchant for Chanel fashion and style, and particularly for her past shows, it

is indeed to the French house that she turned to design her tour wardrobe. Hand in hand with Virginie Viard,

she rethought these silhouettes of the past, adapted them to the demands of the stage, to her vision of

contemporary fashion too. All this for a very modern show, the result of an ever more creative, if not

eternal, fashion.

Angèle appropriates 90's inspired Chanel looks for her


Virgil Guinard

Angèle, musician passionate about fashion

It all begins in March 2020, just a few days before the first confinement. Angèle meets Virginie Viard,

the artistic director of Chanel. She confided in her about her relationship with clothing, fashion, and

what she now aspires to wear as an artist. Very quickly, a connection is created between the two women.

“It was a childhood dream that Chanel would dress me for the tour,” says the singer. Ambassador of the house

since February 2020, Angèle has never hidden her love for fashion: “I have a real connection with fashion,

creation. When I was a teenager, I used to design my outfits and make them myself. For the anecdote, she

bought her first sewing machine at the age of twelve! “I found here this pleasure that I had put aside to

devote myself to music. And it reminded me how much I loved to project myself into the making of a garment,

into all that it represented.”

“I have a real connection to fashion, to design. When I was a teenager, I used to design my outfits and

make them myself.”


Pandemic obliges, its tour of the festivals finally did not take place. It will be necessary to wait until

2021 for her to imagine herself on stage again. But the idea of wearing Chanel remains in a corner of her

head, without ever really disappearing … 95 Air Max 2018 Virgil Guinard

Virgile Guinard

While recording her album Nonante-cinq, Angèle visited the Heritage of the house, where all the archives are kept.

“It was magical, I rushed to the 1995 collection obviously, it interested me to see what had been created when I was

born, what was the fashion then, it was an evidence.” explains the singer about it. “The 1995 collection really inspired

me, there was a consistency with my style, my desires around the project, and I started by wearing this collection

for the album promo last December.”

“I rushed to the 1995 collection obviously, it interested me to see what could have been created when I was born”

Angela La Martina Argentina Polo T Shirt Virgil Guinard

A fashion capable of liberating the woman’s body

Among this new wardrobe, we find a dozen looks. The emblematic tweed, obviously, but not only. Sequins

also have their place on stage, reflecting the light and participating in the creation of a real performance

show for the audience watching. Thus, we find a short sequin suit dating from 1991, the perfect party

outfit. Virgil Guinard

Virgile Guinard

We also discover Angèle in little blazer jackets, crop tops, pie shell collars, skating mini skirts… And we should

even see her in sequined jogging suits during her festivals this summer. On the accessories side, we notice a whole

flock of fashion details that also participate in this joyful and flamboyant staging: ribbon in the hair, cat-eye

sunglasses, retro boots that follow the constraints of the dance, shiny chain belt that accompanies each of her steps

(and which has been embroidered on the garment to allow her a total freedom of movement). Indeed, everything is thought

for the body to be totally free. The cuts are reworked, the materials adapted. In the end, Angèle plays with the

Chanel codes without ever forgetting those of the stage. “She kept telling me that she wanted me to look good. And

I did.” She tells for example about the fittings with Virginie Viard.

Virgil Guinard

Virgil Guinard

Virgil Guinard

Virgil Guinard

Because this is surely what links Angèle to Chanel the most: this common history where femininity does not

hinder comfort or freedom, where fashion carries her desires without ever limiting them. Thus, the musician

will wear these custom-made outfits throughout her tour, which will take her from the Zeniths of France to

summer festivals, to Paris at La Défense Arena before ending at home, in Brussels, Belgium, at the end of

December 2022 (before she takes it back in April 2023 in Canada).

Virgil Guinard

Virgil Guinard

Virgile Guinard

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