At 24At 24, Léna Mahfouf attended her very first Met Gala!

At 24, Léna Mahfouf attended her very first Met Gala!

French personality, Léna Mahfouf continues her fashion ascension. 

If the rumor was running for a few days, it has been verified: Léna Mahfouf, the most famous and followed French

fashion influencer:, walked the red carpet of the Met Gala last night. Focus.

Léna Mahfouf at the Met Gala 2022

Better known as Léna Situations, the French woman has been taking a fresh look at the fashion world for

the past 6 years, growsunlight . Very followed on Instagram (3.6 million followers) and YouTube (2.2 million subscribers), she never stops climbing

the ladder. The last outstanding experience to date? Her presence at the Met Gala 2022!

Invited by Youtube to walk the most iconic fashion red carpet Nike Air Max 1 Black Yellow, Léna Mahfouf showed up yesterday in a dazzling outfit. Indeed, in order to respect the theme of the

event – In America: An Anthology of Fashion – the influencer: Adidas Icon V Boost, dressed by Nikita Vlassenko, wore a blue dress all embroidered flowers signed Markarian. On her feet, Jimmy

Choo shoes and, on her head, a Bulgari crown completed the look. A flawless. 

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The Met Gala is a must-attend event that once again this year brought together the most influential fashion

personalities: clumtiscofitnike : from Blake Lively to Cara Delevingne to Alexa Chung, Léna Mahfouf was well surrounded. 


: in the dressing room of the Paris duplex of Léna SituationsAll the looks of stars on the red carpet of the

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