Aya Nakamura for Vogue France is the favorite cover of the French

Aya Nakamura for Vogue France is the favorite cover of the French, it’s official!

The very first issue of Vogue France, embodied by Aya Nakamura, has just been awarded the Relay & SEPM prize

as the best cover of the year 2021.

It’s official: the winners of the Relay & SEPM Magazine of the Year Award 2022 have just been announced! And

it’s Vogue France, with its very first issue in November 2021, where we discover an Aya Nakamura more sharp

than ever, which has been awarded the Cover Prize.  View more Aya Nakamura on the cover of the first issue of Vogue France

Who better than Aya Nakamura to embody the new face of Vogue France? Bold, charismatic and talented,

the world-renowned diva reveals herself in this exceptional issue.

By Marie Périer

Aya Nakamura for Vogue France is the favorite cover of the French


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Every year, for nearly 20 years, the Relay & SEPM Awards have been recognizing the best of the magazine industry:

Liverpool pink goalkeeper shorts . An unmissable event where the most talented and daring titles are honored. Audacity, a word that defines Aya Nakamura,

the very first cover girl of Vogue France and “French new generation icon”, immortalized by Carlijn Jacobs.

“It is a great pride and recognition to receive the Cover Girl Award. This magazine was designed for its readers,

advocating values of freedom, authenticity, creativity and openness. It is now the most beautiful reward to see it celebrated by its public. At the editorial office, we are happy and extremely fulfilled, it’s

all the work of a team that is now consecrated” says Eugénie Trochu, Head of Editorial Content at Vogue France.

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