AZ Factory unveils an exclusive pop-up store in Paris

AZ Factory unveils an exclusive pop-up store in Paris

The Parisian pop-up store marks the new turn of the AZ Factory label. 

AZ Factory, the late Albert Elbaz’s project in collaboration with Richemont, opens a new page. Moving from a traditional

fashion label to an experimental collaborative laboratory contributing to the positive evolution of the industry, the

brand invites itself to Paris. It sets up its ephemeral space in the heart of the Marais from June 21 to July 8, to

present the collections of its first three “Amigos”: Thebe Magugu, Ester Manas and Cyril Bourez, the newcomer. 

The fashion incubator offers an immersive experience

The concept? AZ Factory, describes it as “a joyful mix of fun, fashion and friends, just as Albert would have wanted”,

in a 320 square meter space dedicated to creativity from the world of home, perfumes, music and other fields. What’s

on the agenda? After taking on the appearance of a festival on June 21, with Club Domani on the decks for its opening.

The event presented the talent of Thebe Magugu. Awarded the LVMH prize, the South African designer is the first to

have been designated by the label. Before showcasing the creations of Cyril Bourez, the latest “amigo” arrived, the

designer specializing in men’s fashion, reinterprets and explores the themes of masculinity and traditional gender


AZ Factory with Thebe Magugu / St├ęphane Gallois

AZ Factory with Cyril Bourez / Alice Pallot

The new collection Ester Manas 

June 23 was partly dedicated to Ester Manas, the inclusive label launched by Ester Manas and Balthazar Delepierre.

The news of their appointment by AZ Factory, had made a lot of noise in the fashion world. Yesterday, the designers

unveiled their new spring-summer 2022 collection. A series of bold looks tinged with black or bright colors, celebrating

the diversity of women’s bodies.  More About The Author AZ Factory with Ester Manas / Catwalkpictures


AZ Factory with Ester Manas / Catwalkpictures


AZ Factory with Ester Manas / Catwalkpictures


AZ Factory with Ester Manas / Catwalkpictures

What’s next? On June 24, AZ Factory will invite visitors to discover the “Iconic Polaroids” exhibition, a festive

photo retrospective on the career of Maripol, the most iconic New York jet-set columnist of the 80’s. Art director,

photographer and stylist Benoit Bethume will launch his fanzine “The Shy Guy” during the Pride celebration that

will take place after the march in the pop-up store on June 26. And finally, on June 30, the “Amigas”, the designer

Marion Vidal, the ceramist Emilie Lissi and the perfumer Olivia Bransbourg, will celebrate the presentation of

their creations. Albert Elbaz’s “dream factory” is open to all, revealing the vision of the designer who dreamed

of an inclusive, intelligent and collaborative fashion!

From June 21 to July 8, 16 rue des Minimes 75003 Paris 

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