Bella Hadid enters the Metaverse and launches her own NFTs

Bella Hadid enters the Metaverse and launches her own NFTs

Bella Hadid gets into the NFT world and explains everything to Vogue.

Everyone is raving about Bella Hadid. Now, thanks to a new non-fungible token (NFT) platform called CY-B3LLA,

it will be possible to get your hands on her, in a modern and somewhat strange way. In collaboration

with reBASE, a social metaverse site, Bella Hadid is launching a massive wave (11,111 unique works, to

be precise) of virtual artworks to be purchased online, based on her own image. These NFTs are digital

assets, essentially cyber memories or collectibles. It’s not just a matter of saving a JPEG to your desktop:

You receive a digital record (essentially a serial number or certificate of authenticity) that proves

that you and only you purchased that specific asset. Bella Hadid commissioned ten different artists to

create artworks from 3D scans of her own body, including portraits where she is made up as an animated

cyborg queen. A waiting list has been open for weeks, with over half a million people signed up online,

and finally, now that CY-B3LLA is available, they will be able to receive a 2.0 version of the top directly

to their mailbox. View more Glenn Martens hijacks Diesel’s Fall/Winter 2022-2023 runway looks in NFT

While Diesel is enjoying the success of its last Milan show, this new project promises to extend it for a few

more weeks. 

By Marthe Mabille

Bella Hadid enters the Metaverse and launches her own NFTs

The idea was born in the mind of Bella Hadid thanks to her passion for video games. Growing up, her younger

brother Anwar Hadid loved World of Warcraft, but Bella Hadid herself was always drawn to the pop world

of Mario. “At 18, when I started traveling for work, my screen name was Princess Peach,” she gleefully

recounts via Zoom. When the world ended because of COVID, her fascination with the online life went into

overdrive. “In my 40s, my dream was to be a full-fledged game player and play against other people,” she

says. “When the NFT craze came along, I was really curious about what this community was like. I went

from playing games, I wanted to create this cool avatar and be in this universe and connect with people,

to all of that.”

Bella Hadid gets into the NFT world and explains everything to Vogue.


Naturally, Bella Hadid was excited about the aesthetic possibilities of creating art from her own image. She submitted

to a 3D scan that the artists would then be able to use to create the NFTs. “There were probably 200 cameras around

me, and I was standing in the middle and changing my shape so that we would get all these different parts of my

body, different versions of my facial expressions, my fingers, my toes. It had to be as realistic as possible,”

she explains. But beyond the look of NFTs, she designed this new platform with a community purpose. While some

of the details are still unclear, purchasing one of Bella Hadid’s NFTs will give you access to online and real-life

encounters with the top. “We will be setting up different events. I’m hoping Tokyo will be one of our first launch

spaces. It would basically be airdrop: If you’re in Tokyo having coffee and all of a sudden I’m right next to you,

you’ll get a notification,” she says. “It’s all about ultimately going to places that are special to me to see

the people who support me and give them a hug.”

Bella Hadid ultra sought after on the internet

Bella Hadid knows a thing or two about capturing the public’s attention online. She’s already proven to be the

gold of the World Wide Web. During her recent appearances at the Cannes Film Festival, she caused a fashion tidal

wave on social media after teaming up with stylist Law Roach to wear a rare and incredible selection of archival

gowns, including pieces from Chanel, Tom Ford’s Gucci era, or a vintage black Versace dress from 1987 with an epic

voluminous bow around the waist. “Who is the one person who could give me enough confidence to help me achieve

my dream and wear her archival orbs? For me, it’s Law [Roach]. He and I have a very similar vision of fashion.

I told him I wanted it to be classic old festival style looks,” she says. “Donatella was kind enough to open up

all of Gianni’s archives to us, which is unheard of, I was very honored. She had a very specific idea in mind of

what she wanted for me.”

“I want to be used as a vehicle for communication, respect and love.” – Bella Hadid

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To honor your privacy prWhen it comes to CY-B3LLA, Bella Hadid understands that there is a logical distrust

of the celebrity-NFT-industry complex. “The skepticism comes from people who are only doing this to get rich,”

she says. “To me, it’s so much bigger than that. I want this to be a collective. It’s not a one-stop shop,

it’s a true passion. I want to be used as a vehicle for communication, respect and love.”

An alternative to toxic social networks 

Bella Hadid, who has spoken about her struggle with anxiety in the past, e