Camille Charriere’s best tips for buying vintage

Camille Charriere’s best tips for buying vintage

Dior, Versace, Fendi… Vintage luxury is Camille Charriere’s guilty pleasure.

From her collection of Nensi Dojaka dresses to this recycled wedding dress by Harris Reed, Camille Charriere’s

style is undeniable. But what you may not have noticed is her attraction to vintage fashion.

Starting somewhere

“When I was younger, like many teenage girls, I couldn’t afford designer pieces,” the young woman tells Vogue

about her love affair with the world of secondhand. “The first luxury creation I could afford was a vintage handbag.”

In her Jean Paul Gaultier illusion dress, spring-summer 1996-1997 collection

Instagram/ @camillecharriere

According to Camille Charriere, there really is an added value when you decide to buy vintage luxury pieces. “I

think most people don’t think of vintage luxury as really luxury. I’ve never taken it that way, on the contrary,”

she explains. “If I can get a piece that I can’t find in a store it’s even more fun. There’s a bit of a stigma

that lingers around the second hand and that needs to change.”

“There is a bit of a stigma that lingers around the second hand and that needs to change.” – Camille Charriere

Between a bag straight out of Kate Moss’ 90’s off-duty style signed by Azzedine Alaïa and her Jean Paul Gaultier

illusion dress straight out of his 1996-1997 spring-summer collection, there’s no denying her ability to find

rare, high-value pieces. “I’ve always loved to bargain shop,” she says. “It’s also sitting down and really asking

the question, ‘Do I need this?’ that draws me in. I think you appreciate a garment or accessory even more when

you finally find it after a long search.” View more What’s this fashion pro’s easy tip for twisting your look this spring?

As part of her exclusive collaboration with Comptoir des Cotonniers, Camille Charrière took the Vogue France

fashion quiz.

By Héloïse Salessy

Men’s White/Coast Blue/White

Patience is the key, and when your name is Camille Charriere, you’ve sometimes spent hours looking for the

piece on vintage resale sites like Vestiaire Collective or 1stDibs, not to mention local vintage stores

where you sometimes have to work hard before finding what you want. “I live just off Portobello Road, and

there is no shortage of that in our neighborhood. The market is quite honestly great for that. And otherwise

we have Rellik, One Of A Kind, Found and Vision and Karen Vintage.” Womens Nike 270 Camille Charriere in a vintage dress

Instagram/ @camillecharriere

“If you go to a beautiful vintage store, always ask what they have in their stash, sometimes that’s where the

most beautiful pieces are hidden.” – Camille Charriere

What she’s looking for right now? “Anything by John Galliano,” answers Camille Charriere, who recently wore a

2022 Dior matching-set, unearthed on My Runway Archive, during her honeymoon in Jamaica. “I’m always up for a

Karl [Lagerfeld] creation when he was head of Fendi in the early 2000s,” she says. “And Versace version of the

’90s, the Gianni Versace era of course, where you could find all the most beautiful minidresses and evening gowns

worn by the great supermodels.”

Slowly but surely

For those new to vintage, Camille Charriere recommends starting slowly but surely. “If you don’t feel like shopping

for clothes, sneakers, try handbags, jewelry and shoes.” she advises. Other little tips? “Always negotiate [the price],

CN3307 FSR Blush Fashion Luxury Extravagant Crossover Reebok 18SS Vetements x Reebok crew Sock Runner High Street Mid Knitting Foot Socks Shoes Black and White Red Blue

. And if you go to a nice vintage store, always ask what they have in their stash, sometimes that’s where

the best pieces are hidden.”

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