Everything you need to know about the new Demi Moore and Andie swimwear collab

Everything you need to know about the new Demi Moore and Andie swimwear collab

Demi Moore reveals her inspiration for this aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and all-around great collection.

It’s not news: Demi Moore is a true swimwear icon. How can we forget the bombshell star getting out of the

water in a barely-there triangle bikini with a surfboard under her arm in Charlie’s Angels? Demi Moore’s

passion for swimsuits has never been denied. And the proof is made of spandex waterproof: the actress has

just launched her first collection with the swimwear brand Andie, 10 models at relatively affordable prices.

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Photo: Courtesy of Drew Escriva

Demi Moore: a step into the fashion industry

For her first steps as a designer, Demi Moore chose not to reveal too much. “For the past few years,” she says,

“we’ve been seeing less and less fabric. But how far can we go? Some swimsuits don’t leave any room for imagination

anymore!” She favors slightly more subtle variations of her favorite style: “I have a big soft spot for the simple

triangle bikini.” Other models are more nuanced, like this wrap-around white swim skirt or this classic black

one-piece, twisted by a (very) plunging neckline. https://squareblogs.net/fridaynet1/the-union-of-sneaker-consumers-ucs-in-the-inrockuptibles Photo: Courtesy of Drew Escriva

“I thought it was interesting to explore the idea that you can exude something sexy and soft at the same

time, a certain confidence, without necessarily showing everything” – Demi Moore

To create her own designs, Demi Moore, who grew up in the 70s, drew inspiration from the more covering

bikinis of the 30s, 40s and 50s. “I found it interesting to explore the idea that you can exude something

both sexy and soft, a certain confidence, without necessarily showing it all, something close to the

body but still comfortable, that you feel good in.”

https://pastelink.net/tm89ga36 Photo: Courtesy of Drew Escriva

Vintage references

A longtime collector of vintage swimwear, Demi Moore didn’t have to look far for inspiration. “I have a whole range

of pieces from the 1920s, it goes from old Jantzen to some German swimwear designers”. The famous Norma Kamali swim

dresses of the 80s also made an impression on her: “Her swimsuits were real dresses, you could wear them to go out

and no one would suspect it was a swimsuit. I was crazy about it, it was really clever. Our skirt with Andie kind

of came from that, we could wear it with a lot of different tops.”


Photo: Courtesy of Drew Escriva

A collection worked for an absolute comfort

If the shadow of the past hangs over the styling of the swimwear that the actress has created for Andie, their

design is, on the other hand, incredibly innovative and modern. The Ghost star worked hand in hand with Michelle

Copelman, Andie’s designer and vice president. The swimsuits use powermesh, a material that allows for some

compression without constricting the wearer. “It was a bit of a balancing act,” says the designer. Each model

had to become a second skin with invisible seams, while offering the necessary support.

Photo: Courtesy of Drew Escriva

A swimwear collection for everyone

The collection caters to all body types and ages. Demi Moore’s daughters helped her design it by sharing their

vision with their mother. “They make me aware of what can appeal to a different generation,” she says. We

share certain swimsuits, but they don’t cover the butt!” Ultimately, Demi insists, whether you want to show

off your body or reveal as little as possible, you’ll find something to like. “Knowing that you don’t have

to show too much to be sexy is a confidence booster,” she says. You can very well choose to be covered, without

looking granny, and still be attractive, sexy and fun.”

  1. Photo: Courtesy of Drew Escriva
  2. Translation by Hervé Loncan
  3. Article originally published on Vogue US.
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