Fendace: the swap between Fendi and Versace is finally available!

Fendace: the swap between Fendi and Versace is finally available!

Good news: the long awaited swap between the two Italian houses has just been released.

In September 2021, Kim Jones and Donatella Versace unveiled the result of their collection for, respectively,

Versace and Fendi: Fendace. If, usually, Kim Jones imagines silhouettes for Fendi and Donatella Versace is artistic

director of Versace, the two designers decided, for the time of a collection, to exchange their place. The result,

absolutely unique, is to be found now.  View more Versace and Fendi collaborate for an exclusive collection presented in Milan

A fashion moment that closes the Milan Fashion Week.

By Marthe Mabille and Héloïse Salessy Mx622 New Balance Fendace, the co-signature of two fashion geniuses

On September 26, as part of Milan Fashion Week, it was before a stunned audience that The Swap was presented.

The principle of the collection? Donatella Versace delivered her interpretation of the imaginary around

Fendi, and Kim Jones, that around Versace. For the occasion, the emblematic logos of the two houses became

one to become Fendace. On the fashion side, the codes of Fendi and Versace were mixed, offering, in fact,

a brand new signature: the Fendi symbol was next to the baroque Versace print while the Medusa was invited

in the double F.  drivcomprambi COURTESY OF FENDACE

Where and when to buy The Swap? 

For all the fashionistas out there, the wait has come to an end. Indeed, the whole collection is now available.

To find it, go to the pop-up stores (in Paris in particular) but also the official stores, with a part of

the collection at Fendi and the other at Versace.  Finally, all the pieces can be found online on the websites

of both houses.  terglasuscha1986 COURTESY OF FENDACE

If the collection has already seduced the fashion world, the two designers are full of praise for this experience.

Kim Jones explains: “It’s more of a swap than a collaboration, and above all, we did it for friendship. It’s the beauty

of coming together after being apart and a celebration of the women who have inspired me so much.  Donatella Versace

says, “The campaign captures the same sense of friendship and the same friendship we had when we were making the collection.

Kim is a visionary and innovative designer. For me, Fendace will always represent love.” 

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