Heat wave: what dress to wear to work when it’s hot

Heat wave: what dress to wear to work when it’s hot?

We bet on a sure value: the mini-dress, chosen in light and natural materials.

What to wear to work when the mercury goes crazy? While the heat wave seems to have settled all over France for

a more or less long period, dressing to go to the office can quickly become a headache. If the long bohemian dress

– preferably worn with flat sandals – remains the best option, there are other alternatives: 1) the short-shirt

combo of the same color palette, which combines comfort, style and simplicity. 2) The summer mini-dress, which,

chosen in good cuts, refreshing colors and natural materials (such as linen, cotton or silk), has nothing to envy

the classic pantsuit worn the rest of the year.




: how to dress when it’s hot? 



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