Her brand SKKN By Kim

After KKW Beauty, Kim Kardashian launches her hyper luxurious skincare line: SKKN BY KIM.

By Calin Van Paris

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The conversation began by talking about her inspirations for SKKN by Kim. Having launched her first cosmetics brand

KKW Beauty five years ago, Kim Kardashian saw SKKN as an opportunity to bring her own idea of beauty to life. For her

first products, an exfoliator, cleanser and eye cream, she studied the formulas carefully. “The factories I work with

told me that products usually go through five trials, and I did between 20 and 25 for each reference,” she says. “I

really took my time regarding the formulas, to make sure that when people get them, they know the difference between

the quality of the product and the fact that it’s a celebrity brand.”

True to herself

Obviously, in a good Kim Kardashian project, the look of the products was also important. The star managed to convey

her now-familiar minimalist aesthetic through simple, elegant packaging. “When I was working on the packaging, I was

inspired by concrete sculptures, with different shades of stone,” she says.  “I always thought the packaging should

be very beautiful, and I’ve always liked neutral tones.” She also wanted the packaging to be refillable, “to show brands

that it’s possible to find aesthetically pleasing packaging that is recyclable and sustainable.” In the future, she

envisions her brand expanding into makeup and fragrance. “The Skkn brand has one goal: to make your skin look better,”

she says. “I wanted cosmetics that I love and wear, lip pencils, lipsticks, foundations, that offer a neutral palette.

Before, with Kkw Beauty, I was a little more fun…. But it didn’t match my basics.”

New fashion era

During her conversation with Allure’s editor-in-chief, Kim Kardashian, who wore a white Re/Done top and Balenciaga

pantsuits, spoke about the fashion dilemma she’s been facing lately, “I’m struggling with casual style, I’m trying

to make an effort on that.” The star also mentioned her new platinum blonde hair color, stating that “blondes have

more fun”. We remember that this recent platinum blonde hair transformation was revealed at the last Met Gala when

she wore the Marylin Monroe dress worn during her “Happy Birthday Mr. President” for John F. Kennedy. Kim Kardashian

also spoke about the various controversies about her red carpet looks. “I’ve been the target of a lot of criticism,

like when I lost weight in order to fit into the dress. I don’t regret that decision, because I’ve been eating much

healthier since then. I’ve been consulting with my nutritionist and my fitness coach.”

“At the end of the day, it’s very important to own your mistakes” – Kim Kardashian

In the meantime, Paula Ulargui Escalona is thinking about how she can take her project even further and, who knows,

soon you may have plants growing out of your clothes inside your closets. “Actually you can let them grow all you want

as long as you take care of them,” she concludes. “I think it could be completely therapeutic for a person to have

that type of clothing that you actually have to take care of. It’s about making a connection. I pAs someone who often

finds herself at the center of conversations, Kim Kardashian says she’s learned when to ignore criticism and when to

confront it. “At the end of the day, it’s really important to own your mistakes, because people will respect your attitude

a lot more if you take responsibility,” she says. As an example, she cites the name change from Skims to Kimono (seen

by many as a form of cultural appropriation). “When I got a letter from the Japanese government, I realized how serious

it was, and there was no question [about the name change],” Kim Kardashian says. “We had a million clothes printed

with the name. I didn’t want to go to waste, so I came up with the name Skims right away and we just printed over the


Family first

To deal with the ups and downs, Kim Kardashian can count on her family.  The clan constantly keeps up with what’s going

on through a family group chat, “We’re really open about everything.” She also considers the people she works with

as family. “I’ve been working with my team for 10-15 years, so they can count on me without a problem,” she says. This

is very evident in their new show, The Kardashians. “We get to really do what we want to do,” the star says of the

series. “There are a lot of one-on-one takes, you get to see what we do in our everyday lives… On Keeping Up With

the Kardashians, it was all together, but it’s refreshing to be able to show people a little bit more of my background.”

Soon to be a lawyer

Regarding her budding career in law: while she passed her bar exam last year (“baby bar exam”: an exam based on the

same principle as the classic bar with fewer specializations), Kim Kardashian confides that she is now halfway to officially

becoming a lawyer. She also recently looked into juvenile detention centers. “I went to a teen center over the weekend,

I had never been to a center like that before, and it was really an eye-opening experience for me.” Whatever her future

specialization as an attorney, she mainly wants to bring to the forefront situations that are still too ignored or

misunderstood. “We need to humanize people who don’t have the opportunity to tell their own story,” Kim Kardashian

says “It might even later prompt lawmakers to change the laws.” Finally, she has hopes of opening her own law firm,

one where former prisoners would be employed. “They know the laws by heart and have spent decades fighting for themselves,”

Kim Kardashian concludes on the subject. View more Kim Kardashian rocks Instagram with her latest Dolce & Gabbana look

A look she wore for the wedding of her sister Kourtney.

By Alexandre Marain

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Meanwhile, her role as mom to North, Psalm, Chicago and Saint has kept her very busy. When asked how she sees

them in the future, she says, “Each of my kids is really different, and I’m going to let them grow up and support

them in whatever they want to do. North always says she’s going to take over Yeezy and Skims. I told her the

other day, “If you want to run them, you’re going to have to get up early.” And she said, “Run them? I just said

I want to make money from it. The entrepreneur adds that it has been important for her to teach her children

the value of hard work. “North does lemonade stands on the weekends to make money,” Kim Kardashian says. Before

concluding, “What I have a problem with is bribes, I’m a big fan of bribes… My bribes with my son, are Pokémon


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