Here is how to appropriate this unusual piercing trend in the everyday life

Here is how to appropriate this unusual piercing trend in the everyday life

Spotted: the (false) precious piercing marrying the lip and the chin, a fashion UFO signed Messika in the

piercing trend.

In the margin of the Fashion Week haute couture which took place in Paris in July, the jewelry houses presented

their new collections of high jewelry, making vibrate the Place Vendôme. Not far from this epicenter of

jewelry, just a few blocks from here in front of the Concorde, the house of Messika took over a room in

the Crillon Hotel to unveil its precious nuggets. Entitled Beyond the Lights, the collection is a tribute

to Ancient Egypt and the opulent finery worn by pharaohs and goddesses. A collection where gold chokers,

diamond-studded rings and other precious finery are mixed. One of the pieces that stands out? The lip jewel,

topped with several diamonds.

Men’s White/Black/White


During antiquity and the period of the pharaohs, piercing was synonymous with social status for the royal

family, especially the navel piercing widespread during the Ancient Egypt. A trend to which Messika wanted

to give back its letters of nobility by dedicating its collection to this time, and by making the piercing

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By Emeline Blanc


The unusual piercing Messika 

And if the piece is part of the collection of high jewelry: the fashionable girl Alison Toby proves that

we can adopt it: Nike Cortez Silver Blue, in the same vein as Kim Kardashian and her daughter North who dared to pierce their nose like a chain

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