How do Parisians really dress

How do Parisians really dress? Answer with the creator of the most viral Instagram account of the moment

Far from the clichés, the Instagram account “Parisians in Paris” captures every day the real style of Parisians:

the one we meet every day in the street. And that really inspires us. As she releases a book that gathers

her best street looks, let’s meet her enigmatic creator.

Close your eyes, forget the pandemic and project yourself in the middle of Paris Fashion Week. Or rather

outside, right in front of the show of a big French brand… Let’s say Chanel. Are you there? Come closer.

A swarm of photographers is swarming the square in front of the Grand Palais. On the lookout, they are watching

the celebrities on their way to the show, jostling each other and elbowing each other to catch a glimpse

of a pair of glasses, a belt detail or a well thought-out overlay. The reason for all this commotion? The

street style (in French “look de rue”), this exercise which consists in photographing the inspiring personalities

who gravitate around the catwalks without thinking about their title, nor their position.  Adidas Nemeziz 19 Instagram Parisians in Paris

Street style has become an integral part of the fashion industry. Why? Because it is closer to reality, more

spontaneous, more democratic too. 

What could be more inspiring than a look worn and interpreted by someone who looks like us? Fashion that takes

to the streets is the idea that it belongs to everyone, that it adapts to all and is not limited to the catwalks

and slender silhouettes of models. Before becoming the gas factory we all know, street style put everyone on

an equal footing, strangers spotted by a photographer could find themselves propelled to the front page in just

one season. The street style was the possibility of an hour of glory. 

A democratization of fashion but also a new reality that sells, a notion quickly integrated by the brands. Some

it-girls, who once struggled to be invited, are now consecrated by the industry that dresses them and places

them in the front row of the catwalk, between a fashion editor and a buyer. The question of honesty and naturalness

arises. The concept of street style is now truncated by product placement and brand strategies. 

Could this be the death of street style? It is in any case the question that arises in front of the commodification

of this exercise. So how to be inspired today in all honesty? By continuing to look at the street. But be careful,

the real one! The one we walk every day, the one that is not limited to 6 districts, the one that lives, runs

and especially does not pose.  45 Instagram Parisians in Paris

This is the idea of the Instagram account Parisians in Paris, digital platform that rises and obsesses French and

foreigners. From Madrid to Rome, the media does not cease to plebiscite it … Thus making its coast in followers

climb. The concept? A tribute to the (real) Parisians led by a shadowy figure who reveals every day the looks she

meets and that inspire her. Simple but effective, Parisiens in Paris seems to be, in 2022, the purest source of

fashion inspiration. Meeting with the anonymous person behind this account. Instagram Parisiens in Paris

What is the history of this Instagram account, how was it launched?Parisiens in Paris: “During Fashion Weeks,

I kept running into girls perfectly dressed from head to toe, with designer clothes and impeccable hair.

On the other hand, every day in the streets of Paris, in the metro, in the parks, I would run into strangers

who inspired me much more.” 

I wanted to pay homage to people whose fashion is not necessarily their job. To show the real Parisian style.

What is his editorial line, his charter? “It is spontaneity. A photo may be taken and posted in the seconds

that follow. But it can also see the day a few weeks later. I didn’t want to make this Instagram too polished,

I want it to be as spontaneous as the looks I come across on a daily basis.” New Balance Replica 247 MRL247RT Instagram Parisians in Paris

What catches your eye on the street? “In Paris (I haven’t explored the other French cities yet), I find

that people dress extremely well overall. With a little, they make a look. It’s important to show that style

often has nothing to do with the cost of clothes.” 

Is street fashion more representative than catwalk fashion? “In any case, it influences the catwalks more

and more. When I see all these teenagers in Buffalos, Dr. Martens or with gavroches, I tell myself that

they are the future of the catwalk. They are the ones we should be watching, to learn from.”

What is a good “Parisians in Paris” look ? How do you make your choices ? “A good look is often an oversized

coat with cropped jeans and boots. I like the looks not to be too elaborate, not too fancy. In short, everyday

looks. It’s very rare that I take a picture of a woman in high heels, which I don’t think represents the

working girl we know in 2022 at all.”

Which neighborhoods do you come across the most inspiring looks in? “The 1st, 2nd, 6th, République (3rd/11th)

and Château d’Eau (10th). I haven’t had the time to go everywhere yet, but I get a lot of people sending

me pictures from all different neighborhoods and I think it’s great! The goal is not to focus on the center

of Paris!”

Instagram Parisians in Paris

Who are you? Give us some clues? “I would never give clues. I like it all to be done without prejudice.” 

Why did you make the choice to post anonymously without mentioning brands or people (even when you recognize

them)? “I don’t want Parisiens in Paris to become a place where brands and people are mentioned. To me,

the subject of the look is style. I like it to be dissociated from a brand or a person. 3/4 of the time

people recognize products or mention them in comments but it’s organically. There’s no forcing. Once, a

girl pestered me to tag her in the photo, not for a legal issue but to gain followers; I deleted the photo.

I don’t play that game. Also, I think it’s nice to show people from behind for once: known, not known, so

it doesn’t change anything since you rarely see the face.”

Instagram Parisians in Paris

The Instagram account is a success, why do you think the look of Parisians fascinates so much today? “Because

they dress in a nonchalant way and it always looks good. I understand that it is an international fascination.

A girl who opts for an oversized jacket, vintage cropped jeans, a pair of Dr. Martens and wild hair looks

like she’s going to conquer the world without trying. It may sound cliché, but I take pictures of about

5/6 people a day and they really are all like that, no matter what neighborhood.”

Instagram Parisians in Paris

Looking at your Instagram account, how would you define the style of Parisians today in 2021? “Fighting. I see women

with big boots, big oversized coats, cropped jeans and rather fit, ready to conquer the street and the world! On the

other hand, they often twist it up with a more feminine accessory: a beret, a gavroche or a colored cap.”

The four street style trends that have emerged since the account began?

  1. The Prince of Wales print.
  2. Converse.
  3. Dr. Martens.
  4. White jeans (even in winter).

What does it mean to be stylish today? “To be comfortable, without constraints.”

Parisians in Paris

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