How to wear the trendy dress without panties

How to wear the trendy dress without panties, whatever your figure?

Split dresses that you wear like a second skin. 

There’s something infectious about the designer of the Marcia brand, those pantless dresses you see everywhere.

Something immediately cool, a nonchalant vitality, a momentum, a je-ne-sais-quoi that is not cliché. Emma Reynaud

is in her early thirties, blond, tall, beautiful and well-dressed. The perfect embodiment of the new French

woman, she launched her brand around the flamboyant 80’s and Parisian nights made exciting and feverish thanks

to a bunch of amazing friends (top Mica Argañaraz, actress Adèle Exarchopoulos or photographer Pierre-Ange Carlotti…).

The name of Marcia? It comes from its “absolute woman”, sung by Catherine Ringer of Rita Mitsuko: “Marcia dances

with legs sharpened like cleavers, two arrows that give ideas, feelings …”

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Fatal Marcia? Yes, but well in its time.

Born in 2022 from a desire to create sexy clothes with flawless simplicity, this label intends to speak to all

profiles: “I always try my first prototypes on women with different morphologies, then, from these fittings,

I adapt and redesign my models so that they suit all body types.”


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A secret that lies in Oeko-tex®, a second skin material with ethical luxury shaping all her models. Good for the

planet and for the morale, this stretch fabric made from recycled fishing nets does not release harmful substances,

while sublimating the silhouette (a style exercise approved by Camille Charriere, DJ Clara 3000, Ana Girardot and

especially by you). 

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On the fashion side, the signature comes from an evocative cut all along the body. As if cut in two, these tubular

dresses and other pretty tops, laced pants, swimsuits and micro-skirts reveal the skin in a hidden-revealed game

of the most beautiful effect. Sexy but not vulgar, it is here a whole art of suggestion, we have fun with the body,

daring the no panties or superimposing the whole on a cyclist, a jewel panties of the brand or jeans, for a very

nineties spirit. 

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Right in line with the desires of the moment, in the midst of a self-confidence boom, Marcia’s silhouettes are the

reflection of an era where women’s affirmation is more than ever through clothing, a vector of identity and a reflection

of a generation that dares and assumes itself. Sexy, cool and powerful, a credo that Emma has made her shattering

banner. Marcia or free and uninhibited fashion in 2022? It’s a big yes. dadshoes4sale



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