“I have curves and here are my summer essentials”

“I have curves and here are my summer essentials”, Vivian Hoorn talks about fashion and self-confidence

A colorful sarong skirt, comfy flip-flops, gold jewelry… A roundup of the pieces and trends Vivian Hoorn

is eyeing for this summer, which is a nice handful of fashion inspiration to draw from!

Vivian Hoorn is an expert in fashion and (especially) in positivity. Under one of her recent photos posted

on Instagram, we can read in description: “I am a woman, I am strong, I am sexy, I am divine, I am invincible,

I am creative […], I am everything I want”. These lyrics, taken from the track I am woman by the Californian

singer Emmy Meli, echo Vivian Hoorn’s philosophy and the empowerment messages she spouts on her social

networks. The goal? To promote values such as confidence and self-love. Like a cry of hope that she would

send to herself, a few years ago, but also to the new generation of young women who still need to hear

it. Because accepting yourself as you are, cherishing your body, the one that keeps you upright, and learning

to love all your singularities is still so difficult for many people, Vivian Hoorn takes the decision

to expose herself: her experience, her encouragement, her body, her smile, her passion for fashion too.

After a bitter experience in modeling, due to a time and an industry where it was necessary to restrict

oneself to correspond to the standards of beauty, she concentrates since on herself and takes advantage

of it to develop her creativity. A choice that allows her to express herself and to blossom. 

“A person is beautiful when they have positive energy.”

Vivian Hoorn

Today, Vivian Hoorn affirms her confidence in herself and her curves. A confidence that is “the best accessory

you can wear!” she explains. And it also passes by the clothing, because it is not question not to feel

well in what one wears. It is even essential to feel beautiful. 

What are Vivian Hoorn’s fashion desires for this summer?

The 5 fashion essentials that will accompany you all summer? 1. My Bayu bikini that fits my curves

Instagram content

2. Oversized sunglasses  


Chloé – Esther sunglasses

250 €

175 €

Chloé via MyTheresa Buy now Mango

Mango – Sunglasses

20 €

Mango Buy now 3. A silk suit


Totême – Printed silk shirt

570 €

Totême via MyTheresa Buy now Totême 

4. Flip flops 

Jacquemus – Les Tatanes linen wedge flip-flops

390 €

Jacquemus via MyTheresa Buy now Amina Muaddi – Johana leather flip-flops

595 €

Amina Muaddi via MyTheresa Buy now 5. A big basket

Etro – Raffia tote bag with logo patch

750 €

Etro via Farfetch.com Buy now Loewe – Straw Anagram Basket

690 €

Loewe via loewe.com Buy now Your essentials for a day at the beach? My best tip: make sure you always have two beach towels with you so

the whole deck chair is covered. 

Eres – Pink Cotton Towel

140 €

Eres via Ssense.com Buy now Carne Bollente – Wet Summer orange towel

65 €

55 €

Carne Bollente via Ssense.com

Buy now

The ultimate piece to boost an outfit? I live for chunky gold jewelry. Check out Brinker & Elisa and you’ll thank

me later!

Brinker & Eliza 

Brinker & Eliza – Pearl earrings

210 €

Brinker & Eliza via Farfetch

Buy now

Brinker & Eliza

Brinker & Eliza – Best Yet To Come heart pendant necklace

144 €

Brinker & Eliza via Farfetch

Buy Now

The one that instantly makes you feel confident?my Chanel bag that I feel super chic with.

Instagram content

If you had to take only 5 pieces with you on vacation, which ones would you choose? 1. my new Chanel 22 bag, because

it can hold everything2. A gold necklace


Jacquemus – Choker Le Collier Noli

390 €

273 €

Jacquemus via MyTheresa

Buy now

Instagram content

3. Hermes flat sandals


Hermès – Oran Sandals

510 €


Buy now

4. An Emilio Pucci caftan

Emilio Pucci 

Emilio Pucci – Bandierine Print Beach Kaftan

589 €

501 €

Emilio Pucci via Farfetch

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5. A Toteme Sarong


Totême – Striped sarong in cotton and silk

250 €

Totême via MyTheresa

Buy now

The fashion trend that’s got your eye on right now? Caftan dresses. I love them. 

What can we find on your summer wishlist? Chanel flip flops, Jil Sander dresses and a Sophie Joanne floral ring.

  • Jil Sander
  • Jil Sander – Cotton maxi dress
  • 1 190 €

714 €

Jil Sander via MyTheresa

Buy now

Sophie Joanne 

Sophie Joanne – Gold ring Flower

2 700 €

Sophie Joanne via Net-A-Porter

Buy now

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