I’m a surferI’m a surfer, and here is my little guide to choosing the right wetsuit this summer

Breaking news, the beautiful and talented surfer and longboard champion Victoria Vergara joins the Rip Curl

team to develop actions and collections in the field of women’s surfing of the iconic brand. A role tailor-made

for the French surfer who now shares her life between the shows and the ocean. Interview.

By Emeline Blanc

So, lycra or neoprene? Front zip or back zip? 4/3 or 3/2? If all this information is foreign to you or if you

have already asked yourself the question at least once before a purchase, this little practical guide is made

for you.

For water temperatures over 25° C 

For the lucky ones who surf in the middle of summer or in tropical countries, if it is possible to surf in

a bathing suit because it is so hot, it is still recommended to cover yourself a minimum to avoid sunburn.

For that, we lean towards a long-sleeved swimsuit in light lycra or an anti UV t-shirt.

One-piece long sleeve swimsuit – Rip Curl

90 € Buy now Anti UV T-shirt – Rip Curl

30 € Buy now For a water between 20 and 25 °.

Same recommendations here, although for temperatures that drop a little, we prefer a mini neoprene suit, or

a one-piece swimsuit from the Mirage Ultimate collection with its neoprene inserts, designed in an ultra sharp

material for the most professional surfers. Without any surprise it is the favorite collection of the surfer

Victoria Vergara!

1mm neoprene wetsuit – Rip Curl

140 € Buy now Mirage Ultimate one piece swimsuit – Rip Curl

90 € Buy now For water between 18 and 20°.

Switch to a real 2mm thick neoprene suit to survive the longest sessions. You can choose long sleeves or short

sleeves for a freer range of motion.

Dawn Patrol 2/2 Wetsuit – Rip Curl

130 € Buy now For water between 13 and 18°.

In temperate waters, the 3/2 wetsuit will do perfectly. Adopt the all-black version, colored or with floral inserts,

signature style of Rip Curl.

Dawn Patrol 3/2 wetsuit – Rip Curl

230 € Buy now For water between 8 and 13°.

The 4/3 (i.e. a thickness of 4 and 3mm) is the all-purpose wetsuit, the one that is a little too warm when

you surf in spring but that you are happy to put on, and the one that is perfect when you surf in winter in

water that is not too cold. To put in all the hands of the surfers!

Dawn Patrol 4/3 wetsuit – Rip Curl

260 € Buy now For a water under 8 °

For those who are ready to brave the coldest waters to surf! When the water temperature drops below double digits,

we rush to a wetsuit whose thickness is close to 5mm for a waterproofness.

E Bomb 5/3 Wetsuit – Rip Curl

320 € Buy now For the ultra-sporty who combine surfing with other sports: the Run Swim Surf collection by Rip Curl

For sports addicts, Rip Curl has developed a collection called Run Swim Surf that allows you to keep the same outfit

for all your sports activities thanks to a cut adapted to all sports – a bra as well as cycling shorts, also available

in leggings – and a material benefiting from the VaporCool technology that regulates humidity. Genius!

Run Swim Surf Short – Rip Curl

55 € Buy now How to get your damaged wetsuit repaired?

A loose seam, a snag due to coral, wear and tear due to wax… If the wetsuits are made to resist all tests

and last over time, an accident can happen. For a Rip Curl wetsuit, the company commits to guarantee its wetsuits

for 3 years on all seams and 12 months on materials, and to repair small snags only due to material or manufacturing

defects. It is directly in France in the premises of the brand in Hossegor that the suits are repaired by experts,

to give a second life to your wetsuit! Off White Converse All Star Bastien Labelle

Bastien Labelle

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