Our favorite fashion icons pose naked on Instagram

Our favorite fashion icons pose naked on Instagram

A wind of freedom is blowing on the stars’ Instagram: 2: 16 . While Emily Ratajkowski regularly takes off her clothes to pose on Instagram, Kendall Jenner shared, recently,

to the delight of her followers, a photo of her naked lounging under the sun. This Tuesday, July 12, Britney

Spears in turn, published photos of her, swimming completely undressed in her pool growsunlight . While they inspire us daily, delivering us at each of their appearances of real lessons of


, what do these last pictures translate?

Why do they pose naked on Instagram?

While Kendal Jenner, who had just separated from her partner Devin Booker a few days before, advocates the

independence and freedom of women since her beginnings in modeling, Emily Ratajkowski has been involved

for years on the issue of women’s right to dispose of their body. Appearing regularly naked on her social

networks, she sees in the sharing of her body and sexuality, a synonym of female empowerment. For Women’s

Day on March 8, she published a series of photos in which she appeared naked to celebrate herself and all

women. As for Britney Spears, she was fighting for the lifting of her guardianship until last November.

Much more than a trend, behind these Instagram publications hides a real feminist message!

Britney Spears 

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Emily Ratajkowski

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Kendall Jenner 

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