Our favorite Parisian piercing studio opens an address in Saint-Tropez

Our favorite Parisian piercing studio opens an address in Saint-Tropez

Mad Lords, the concept-store jewel the most pointed of the capital, shares with the city of Saint-Tropez the same

authenticity, the same joy of living and the same bohemian aura infused of the Seventies. It is thus quite naturally

a few blocks from the port and the authentic Place des Lices that Mad Lords takes up residence as summer approaches,

unveiling a boutique that is accompanied by a piercing studio.

On Rue Saint-Honoré, not far from Place Vendôme, Mad Lords has set up its house of jewelry containing an ultra-specialized

selection of designer jewelry and jewelers. Behind the shelves mixing the creations of Maria Tash or Jacquie Aiche,

the most courageous will borrow the corridor which leads to a pretty cabinet of curiosity to dare to offer a delicate


In January 2021, the concept-store opened its first address outside the capital, in Deauville, a place dear to the

creators Caroline and Serge who spent all their childhood there. In the cool district of the Norman city, the store

proposes, -beyond a selection of jewels inspired by their adventures and their travels-, an adjacent piercing salon

and a speakasy gathering artworks selected by the creators.

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  2. The most pointed piercing studio of Paris settles in Deauville
  3. By Emeline Blanc
Our favorite Parisian piercing studio opens an address in Saint-Tropez

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A new salon of piercing and tattoo in Saint-Tropez

Today, the concept-store opens a new case in Saint-Tropez: Nike React Element 87 Dark Grey, in some paving stones of the port, on one of the arteries which allows to join the emblematic Café Sénéquier and

the place of the Lices. At number 10 rue Gambetta, it will replace a historic jewelry store run by a local figure;

Nike Air Jordan 12 Xii Retro 2016, with whom Caroline and Serge had established a relationship of trust. In addition to a store and a piercing salon:

Asics GT 2 ‘Suede’, this new address will also welcome experienced tattoo artists on certain weekends. So a hot spot to

visit necessarily this summer, to offer yourself an unforgettable vacation memory.

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Mad Lords, 10 rue Gambetta, 83 990 Saint-Tropez

To be found on trydecaf.org:The jewel of the week: the rushes with mystical symbols of Mad LordsWhere

to get a chic ear piercing in Paris?