Rosé from Blackpink

Rosé from Blackpink, as a modern day princess in a white dress signed by this young designer

The K-pop singer brought out the princess in her.

Rosé! Rosé! Rosé! Once again, the Korean-New Zealand K-pop star had her fans in stitches as she attended the launch

party of the Vision & Virtuosity exhibition, organized by Tiffany & Co. at the Saatchi Gallery in London.

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  • Blackpink: who is this female K-pop group conquering fashion?
  • By Taylor Glasby


A simple, immaculate dress that made all the difference

Every time Rosé comes out, the same story: a horde of paparazzi and young fans of the singer, with an Instagram

account swollen to more than 60 million followers, await her. In London, for the launch party of the exhibition

Vision & Virtuosity, organized by Tiffany & Co. the young woman challenged the princess in her by opting for

an immaculate creation with bold cuts, signed by the young brand Rokh, founded by Rok Hwang from Seoul. Her

hair up, with the locks falling on the face, revealed a pretty necklace and earrings from the jewelry house.

As Roma 2018 Kit Mike Marsland/WireImage

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