Shakira: the recipe for her (successful) style over nearly three decades

Shakira: the recipe for her (successful) style over nearly three decades

Shakira’s style is characterized by its specificity and timelessness. Here are the keys to her look. 

Whether it’s because of the empathy (or not) that she generated following her split with footballer Gerard Piqué,

Shakira’s character is seen with more goodwill today than it has been in the 25 years of her career. This is not

an isolated case. Since Britney’s freedom has become one of our concerns, a cause-metaphor for patriarchal control

over women’s autonomy, we’ve wanted to make peace with many of the pop divas of our teenage years. Avril Lavigne,

Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton, among others.

It’s not unusual for the referents that the female public values to have lower social regard until enough years pass

for the male public and critics to appropriate them. One can think of the reversal of the reception of Harry Styles’

music, or directly to a certain Liverpool band that drove girls crazy. And although this is an area where oceans

of ink have yet to be spilled, going back to the Colombian singer’s albums, such as Pies descalzos, and her older

videos, the certainty that the diva has remained true to a specific aesthetic essence and sartorial style since her

debut in 1995 is evident.

While the international pop scene is full of chameleons who play as much, if not more, with their style and appearance

as with their music, Shakira, whose sound is split between Latin rhythms, pop and an obvious rock heritage, has always

been consistent in the way she presents herself to the world. So much so that the close-fitting silhouette defined

by an exposed belly has become a trend again even before she has abandoned it. View more Video: Shakira reveals the highs (and lows) of her style after 30 years in music

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Troy Rizzo

Low-rise waist and crop top, if we were to describe Shakira’s look from memory, these clothes would be the first

to come to mind. Pants so tight that they are like a second skin, with a low waist marked by belts. A top as

small as the silhouette of a triangle bikini. This is the memory of the video of Suerte, probably the most emblematic

song of the singer from Barranquilla, supported from beginning to end by her gestures and choreography.

She was also helped by her signature look, probably the most appropriate to highlight her body expressiveness

and associate it with the traditional belly dance movements, which Shakira has practiced since childhood. This

formula has been declined in countless ways by the artist, from her beginnings, marked by more rock guitars,

where the look was linked to a certain heritage of metal aesthetics, which also incorporates tight pants, to

her current looks, more eclectic and marked by the trends of the moment.

A beauty look (very natural) as a constant

Shakira’s look has been marked by constancy rather than by great metamorphoses. In fact, she surprises by being

very natural, with a pronounced taste for what is called the make up no make up (natural makeup) that avoids

the smoky eyeshadows or the pronounced red lips that so defined the decade of the 2000s in which Shakira became

a star.

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L. Cohen

In fact, her biggest aesthetic transformation came early in her career, when she ditched the black hair she wore until

the Pies descalzos album in favor of the voluminous blonde mane that made her iconic when the Servicio de lavandería

record was released. Since 2022, blonde curls have become an essential part of her look, and it’s hard to talk about

Shakira without thinking about it. 

A special silhouette on the red carpets

Just like her stage looks, Shakira has a favorite silhouette when it comes to red carpet events, and it’s a special

predilection for sweetheart neckline dresses that she’s been flaunting for decades. A particularly classic aesthetic

departure from her usual look, and one that relies on confidence in the elegance of Hollywood’s golden years.

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Shakira at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Marc Piasecki Shakira in 2022 at the Ballon d’Or award ceremony.

Scott Heavey

Shakira’s style cues have remained virtually unchanged since the beginning of a long musical career, SOURCE . It’s hard to draw a conclusion about what fashion means to the singer as a communication tool. Without a doubt,

she has used it to create a recognizable and timeless look. According to Coco Chanel’s (hackneyed) quote that

“only style remains”, Shakira could have achieved the ultimate claim of any aesthete, with a look that, despite

its enormous influence, never entered the narrow canons of normative elegance.

Perhaps it’s a symptom of someone so confident that they don’t need to adapt their appearance, or perhaps the

opposite, the refuge of a proven formula for success that serves as a comfort zone, the fact is that her look

has had a tremendous influence. So much so that, in the face of the incessant returns of the low waist, the (partly

dangerous) prominence of the belly and crop tops, we can not help but think that she is above all another style

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