The 15 star men’s fashion trends for spring-summer 2023

The 15 star men’s fashion trends for spring-summer 2023

A season all about sexiness and nostalgia.

If last winter was feel-good and comforting, next summer will be hot and nostalgic.

How will men dress for spring-summer 2023?

This season more than ever, men are invited to uninhibit themselves through dreaded pieces, from jockstrap to micro-skirt,

through crop top. On the other hand, the madness that exists around the 2000s and the MTV generation is part of the

overflowing creativity of designers. Biker spirit, hegemony of denim, western influences, cargo pants, floral prints

… Back in pictures on the fashion trends that will make the men’s spring-summer 2023.

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  • A feel-good and comforting season.
  • By Alexandre Marain

Adidas NMD Human Race Price

Soft sensuality

Jockstrap worn with a skirt, blazer jacket version crop top, BDSM references to highlight all its assets

… The summer 2023 rhymes with uninhibited for designers who imagine new forms of clothing where the sexy

reigns supreme. comfylightsketchers Thom Browne

Popsugar Mag Nike Shoe Future Press


Fake Air Jordan 11 Retro

Dolce & Gabbana


Spotted on Bella Hadid and Elsa Hosk, the biker trend is making a comeback in the men’s wardrobe with a plethora of

racing jackets, gloves and protective pants inspired by the motorcycle aesthetic. The material of choice? Leather,

again and again. Toddler Boys Nike Air Max Prada

Dries Van Noten


Torso in front

The fashion statement of next summer? The man strips off, partially, to reveal a resolutely masculine body part:

the torso, sublimated by translucent pieces (aka Dior), an open shirt worn effortlessly over the shoulders (aka

Etro), or a crop top (aka Courrèges).

Dior Men



Blue jeans

Practical and comfortable, denim is going crazy! At Y/Project, Fendi and Prada to name a few, jeans are reinvented

and worn with élan. We love the total look version.





Of course, designers have also succumbed to the craze that exists around the 2000s … The young brand Mowalola

offers a grunge version, while JW Anderson signed looks that could please the MTV generation.


JW Anderson



The most iconic Texas stereotype is conquering the fashion sphere this season and infusing itself into the inspirations

of prominent designers. The most adored pieces? The santiag and the cowboy shirt, reviewed and corrected version


Dries Van Noten

Thom Browne

Wales Bonner

Flower power

The flower, in all its forms, is a major inspiration for designers. Some reinterpret it in the form of patterns

like Louis Vuitton, while others make the most of the literal meaning, as at Loewe and Marine Serre.

Louis Vuitton


Marine Serre

Cargo pants

Trust us, you’ll swear by this pants trend: with its army lines and streetwear influences, the cargo model delivers

a neo-baroudeur silhouette, always offered with its two signature pockets (or plenty of them for Reese Cooper).

Emporio Armani

Reese Cooper


Patterns galore

Checks, arabesques, stripes, tie and dye … The print is an integral part of the collections of the season,

as can testify Marine Serre, Ahluwalia, or Kenzo.

Marine Serre



Sk8ter boy

Hoodie and wide shorts: the signature combo of the skater made in California.

JW Anderson takes the theme literally with a sweater directly encrusted with a broken skateboard.


JW Anderson


Back to childhood

Back to childhood! The unconsciousness and naivety of childhood is taking over shirts, sweatshirts and T-shirts

with patterns straight out of the imagination of designers: a mushroom, a seahorse, figurative characters …



Martine Rose

Trench coat

From season to season, year after year, the trench coat remains a staple of outerwear. We wear it in its most

classic version (a little oversized to boost the look), or deconstructed for a much more fashionable spirit.



Hed Mayner

Bold colors

Convince yourself to add some color to your wardrobe with this season’s bold, visually impactful and acidic

color coup. Dare the color-block!




Photo: Filippo Fior /


Both comfy and fashionable to wear at home and in the city, sweatpants are becoming an essential again.

Kiko Kostadinov



Pyjama couture

No, pajamas are not just for bedtime. At least not according to houses and designers like Emporio Armani, Givenchy

and Bianca Saunders, who are making them one of the strong pieces for summer 2023.

Emporio Armani

Bianca Saunders


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