The secrets of Chanel’s XXL sunburst diamond necklace by Marion Cotillard

The secrets of Chanel’s XXL sunburst diamond necklace by Marion Cotillard

Spotlight on the precious XXL diamond and yellow diamond necklace worn by Marion Cotillard, from the new

Chanel high jewelry collection.

Back to 1932, Gabrielle Chanel exhibited her first and only high jewelry collection, Bijoux de Diamants,

in her mansion at 29 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Exactly 90 years later, the Chanel house pays tribute

to the jewelry of its founder with the 1932 high jewelry collection, unveiled last May. A collection of

no less than 50 pieces that celebrate the celestial, the movement and the light, through jewels with inimitable

know-how and a thousand and one diamonds and precious stones. View more Chanel unveils a necklace in tribute to Coco Chanel’s unique Haute Joaillerie collection

Back in 1932, discover the love story between Coco Chanel and diamonds…

By Rachel Garrahan

Last May, Kristen Stewart unveiled on the red carpet of the walk up the steps of Louis Garrel’s film “L’Innocent”,

a precious set consisting of a delicate Comet Harmonie necklace, matched with her ring, both made of diamonds and

onyx, from the 1932 Chanel Joaillerie high jewelry collection. View more Kristen Stewart’s heavenly Chanel jewelry secrets at the Cannes Film Festival

On the Cannes Film Festival red carpet, Kristen Stewart landed a comet and a shower of shooting stars, those of

her Chanel Joaillerie jewelry, high jewelry pieces that pay tribute to the very first high jewelry collection created

by Gabrielle Chanel in 1932.

By Emeline Blanc

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Today, it’s Marion Cotillard’s turn, friend of the house, to adopt a jewel of the collection on the occasion

of a lunch organized by the brand. At her neck, a necklace Soleil August 19, in white gold, yellow gold, diamonds

and yellow diamonds and a cushion-cut yellow diamond sparkling in its heart. 

The Chanel 1932 Haute Joaillerie collection evokes art and emotion for me. The House has literally reached for

the stars! Sometimes, in a collection with so many pieces, there are some that we like more than others. Here

I find them all sublime, breathtaking. Like art, this collection is penetrating. – Marion Cotillard advprimeknits Virgil Guinard

Boys’ Grade School White The secret of this necklace? It is totally transformable, since once removed from the necklace, the central

motif of the sun and its yellow diamond can be worn as a ring or a brooch, for twice the mystery. A sunny

jewel, which radiates the know-how of the house.

When we wear stones, there is always an energetic resonance, and the two jewels I chose tonight, the

Soleil 19 Août necklace (Gabrielle Chanel’s birth date) and the Comète Infinie ring, touched me deeply.

– Marion Cotillard

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in tribute to Coco Chanel’s unique Haute Joaillerie collection

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