This fashion shopper reveals the must-have pieces to pack in her vacation suitcase this summer

This fashion shopper reveals the must-have pieces to pack in her vacation suitcase this summer 

What will Tiffany Hsu take with her this summer in her vacation suitcase? Answer in our exclusive interview. 

A solid community of 230,000 followers on Instagram, director of shopping for the online retail site

and an incredible dressing room in which many treasures are hidden … No doubt, Tiffany Hsu is a true fashion lover!

And because she’s always on the lookout for the latest seasonal trends, we asked her in an exclusive interview to

tell us what pieces to bet on this summer during the vacations. The opportunity also to reveal to us in passing how

the desire to make fashion her job was born and her craziest finds that she now keeps preciously in her wardrobe.

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What fashion pieces should you buy this summer according to Tiffany Hsu? 

What is your first fashion memory? Tiffany Hsu: When I was 16, I saw a picture of John Galliano’s collection and

became totally obsessed. I decided to go to Central St. Martins after learning that’s where he studied. So I left

boarding school at 17 and started my fashion journey there.

When did you first become interested in fashion? Originally I always wanted to be a designer, but that photo of John

Galliano’s collection was the turning point in my love for fashion. I think once you are captivated by the industry,

you quickly discover what works best for you and what department you are really passionate about. 

“I always look for pieces that speak for themselves, that can be worn or layered depending on the day.”

How would you define your style?Since I am on the go a lot, comfort is key. I always look for pieces that speak for

themselves, that can be worn or layered depending on the day. Either a mini dress that can be worn with an oversized

jacket and boots, or tailored shorts and a blazer with sneakers, or high heels with jeans and a simple t-shirt. I

think in general my style is pretty sporty and casual, and I like to mix feminine pieces into an androgynous style. 

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 What are the 5 timeless fashion pieces you think you should invest in?

1/ The Kelly bag by Hermès

Hermès – Kelly 28 leather handbag

8 400 €

Hermès via Buy now 2/ A black coat, preferably double-breasted

Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello – Virgin wool coat

2 790 €

Saint Laurent via Buy now 3/ A suit jacket, preferably double breasted

Jean Paul Gaultier – Double-breasted wool blazer

890 €

Jean Paul Gaultier via Buy now 4/ A good pair of heels that go with everything (you must have your favorite brand of pumps, mine are Balenciaga and

Amina Muaddi)

Balenciaga – 110mm Knife pump in neon pink matte spandex

750 €

Balenciaga Buy now Amina Muaddi – Gilda Mules in PVC with crystals

755 €

Amina Muaddi via Buy now 5/ The perfect red lipstick 

Armani – Rouge D’Armani Matte

43 €

Armani Beauty via

Buy now

The ultimate fashion piece you feel good in?I love the Balenciaga pump in all its variations, my favorites are the

Pantaboots. I also recommend the Saint Laurent blazers, which are an instant confidence booster.

Balenciaga – Pantaleggings

2 400 €


Buy now

Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello – Virgin wool blazer

1 890 €

Saint Laurent via

Buy now

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Do you have a “uniform” in your daily life? Yes, I do! I wear high waisted pants from Frankie Shop with white

socks and Prada loafers very often.

The Frankie Shop – Bea High Waisted Straight Pants

225 €

The Frankie Shop via

Buy Now

Prada – Leather loafers

710 €

Prada via

Buy Now

What’s the craziest piece in your wardrobe?I wouldn’t necessarily call them crazy, but I do have an Hourglass

bag from Balenciaga in bright yellow with matching boots, and also a deconstructed biker jacket from Vetements.

Balenciaga – Hourglass Mini Leather Shoulder Bag

895 €

Balenciaga via

Buy now

Balenciaga – Leather Cagole Boots

1 690 €

Balenciaga via

Buy now

What piece(s) are on your fashion wishlist right now?The tennis-inspired Miu Miu mini skirt! I also have my eyes

on one of the bodycon printed dresses from the Y/Project x Jean Paul Gaultier collaboration.

Miu Miu – Chino miniskirt with embroidered logo

780 €

Miu Miu

Buy now

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What are the 5 pieces you’ll be packing this summer?

1/ The body print dress from the Y/Project x Jean Paul Gaultier collaboration.2/ A knit skirt from Dion Lee

Dion Lee – Mini skirt

628 €

439 €

Dion Lee via

Buy now

3/ A mini dress from the Nensi Dojaka x Mytheresa collaboration

Nensi Dojaka – Dress exclusively for MyTheresa

795 €

Nensi Dojaka via

Buy now

4/ Platform mules from Versace 

Prada – Leather platform mules

540 €

Prada via

Buy now

5/ Platform flip-flops from Coperni

Coperni – Platform flip-flops

350 €

Coperni via

Buy now

Your last compulsive purchase?there were a few… A lycra jumpsuit from Saint Laurent and Balenciaga’s Pantaboots.

Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello – Pantsuit

2 190 €

Saint Laurent via

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Is there a piece of jewelry that never leaves you? My gold hoop earrings.

What are the 3 fashion trends of this summer according to you ? The bodycon, the Y2K and the fetish inspiration.  Do

you have a special beauty routine? I get a facial from Fatima at Skin Design London, she does amazing micro needling

treatments.  I also recently bought an LED light mask that I use 4-5 times a week. Every morning I apply suction

cups to my face to de-clog it, and at night I use U Beauty by Tina Craig’s moisturizing products. When I can’t

go to Fatima’s for my regular facial, I use Susanne Kaufman’s enzyme peel. A favorite scent is Bitter Peach or

Lost Cherry by Tom Ford.

  • Tom Ford Beauty – Bitter Peach Eau de Parfum
  • 230,95 €
  • Tom Ford Beauty via De

Buy now

Tom Ford Beauty – Eau de Parfum Lost Cherry

153,95 €

Tom Ford Beauty via De

Buy now

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