This Spanish designer reveals the fashion essentials we should all have this summer

This Spanish designer reveals the fashion essentials we should all have this summer

From her childhood in the fashion world to the creation of her brand Amlul, Gala Gonzalez looks back

on her career and gives some fashion tips. 

Gala Gonzalez admits it: fashion “has been part of her personality since she was very young”. A passion

for the Spaniard from Galicia that led her, logically, to found her own brand, Amlul, in 2022. A pretty

label that focuses on impeccably cut pieces with well thought-out details. Sometimes, a long dress is

adorned with side buttons that let you see the leg or even the thigh, sometimes the satin tops with nostalgic

names (Britney, Mariah …) take us back a few years in the heart of the 90s / 2000s. A range of comfortable

pieces with an effortless silhouette, all handmade in workshops in Barcelona. Amlul is not just another

high-profile brand, but also a true environmental commitment. The watchword: to do away with seasons,

the idea being to offer a wardrobe to be worn all year round, contrary to the very limited time collections

of fast fashion brands. 

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“The way we consume and produce must change and we must be as transparent as possible to educate consumers

and give them alternative options to stop mass consumption and fast fashion,” explains the designer.

A bias that pleases since, three years later, she is about to open her first Amlul store in Madrid at

the end of May.  

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  3. By Eugenie Trochu

While her sharp sense of style has been scrutinized, long before the advent of Instagram, by thousands of people

on the blog (which was also called Amlul) that she created on the benches of the Central Saint Martins, where

she studied women’s fashion, Gala Gonzalez tells us more today about her relationship with fashion, her childhood,

cradled in this environment, but also her vision of eco-responsibility … Selected pieces.

From her childhood surrounded by fashion to the creation of her brand Amlul: a look back at Gala Gonzalez’s career 

What are your first memories of fashion? Gala Gonzalez: Fabrics and sewing machines. My mother used to go to

Paris to attend fashion shows. She also told me to start saving money if I ever wanted to buy a designer handbag.

When did you first become interested in the fashion world? From a young age, fashion has been a part of my personality.

I grew up in a family of fashion entrepreneurs where my uncle changed the game in the 80’s. For me, fashion has

always been part of my identity and the best way to express it is through clothes.

What did you learn from your uncle Adolfo Dominguez? Never get into fashion if you are not willing to cry and

forget how many hours you work a day. And I still love doing it every day.

You studied women’s fashion at Central Saint Martins. What do you remember about that time? It was fun, but competitive.

In fashion, there are not many friends because we all apply for the same jobs. At the same time, you’ll never

bond as much as with someone who also studied fashion and is as passionate as you are.

For me, fashion has always been a part of my identity and the best way to express that is through clothes.

How would you describe your brand Amlul in 3 words? Avant-garde, timeless and durable!

If you had to own only one Amlul piece, what would it be?One of our classic silhouettes, the Southampton dress!

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Through your brand, you want to fight against fast fashion. Can you tell us more? We produce 100% in Spain and

even though Spain is one of the biggest producers and consumers of fast fashion, we believe that we have a very

strong quality that people love outside our borders. Our mission is to communicate these values and our know-how,

to contribute to the creation of jobs and to control the amount of clothing waste produced on a regular basis.

We don’t restock because we only work with fabrics from dead stock, so once the garment is sold out, you’re sure

to have a unique and timeless piece in your wardrobe at a very affordable price.

What are your fashion inspirations? Timeless icons, strong women with sharp points of view. I love Charlotte

Rampling, Christy Turlington, Anita Pallenberg, Eva Green…

How would you define your style? Eclectic, effortless and elegant.

Your 4 daily essentials? A Hermes bag, a good pair of Levi’s jeans, a good moisturizer and therapy, we should

all do therapy!

Hermès – Kelly 32 Leather Handbag

5 200 €

Hermès via Buy now Levi’s – 501 ’90s Straight Cotton Mid-rise Jeans

119 €

Levi’s via Buy Now The ultimate fashion piece you feel good in?my Converse!

Converse – Chuck Taylor All Star

75 €

Converse Buy now And the one you wear when you go out at night? My Converse, too.

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Do you have a “uniform” in your daily life? White Levi’s jeans, a sweater and loafers.

Levi’s – 501® Slim Fit Jeans

109 €

Levi’s Buy now Amlul – Pink Cozy Sweater

179 €

Amlul Buy now Gucci – Brixton Convertible Leather Web Ribbon Loafer with Horsebit

690 €

Gucci via Buy Now Is there a piece of jewelry that never leaves your side? My Selim Mouzannar emerald necklace. It never

leaves my neck: it’s as much with me when I’m swimming in the Mediterranean as on the red carpet.

What do you think is the ultimate summer fashion trend? Bright colors like pink and green. Expect to

see a lot of that.

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What piece is on your current fashion wishlist?a Kelly Hermes shoulder bag. 

Hermès – Kelly To Go Leather Shoulder Bag

6 499 €

6 299 €

Hermès via Buy Now What is your current beauty routine?I use the Codage eye and face serum, which I’m obsessed with, mixed with Augustinus

Bader cream. Once a week, I apply a hyaluronic acid mask from Croma. 

Codage Paris – Serum N°01 – Intense Hydration

79 €

Codage Paris via

Buy now

Augustinus Bader – La Crème

228 €

Augustinus Bader via

Buy now

Croma – Hyaluronic acid face mask

59 €


Buy now

Future projects you can tell us about? We are opening the first Amlul Atelier store in Madrid at the end

of May. It will be a space where everything you see and smell will be available for purchase. It’s also a

great opportunity for all the city’s inhabitants to come and meet us, try on our clothes and discover our

vision. See you at C/Pelayo 48!

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