This ultra-simple and trendy fashion combo is adopted by all the fashionable girls

This ultra-simple and trendy fashion combo is adopted by all the fashionable girls

Jeans + white top = the recipe for success.

Celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, or Bella Hadid know very well: sometimes, there is nothing

more effective than simplicity in fashion.

That’s why the minimalist white top or T-shirt/denim combination works particularly well and is one of the most popular

combos for fashionable girls. View more How Diesel became the coolest brand of the moment?

Now under the leadership of the excellent Glenn Martens, the Italian house has a new lease on life.

By Alexandre Marain The winning combo

Two essentials can give allure to a whole look. On the one hand, the immaculate T-shirt, a classic in both

men’s and women’s wardrobes, which has stood the test of time without ever getting old. On the other hand,

the jeans, which, despite the waltz of trends, continues to camp on its stainless positions from season to

season. What is good with the classics is that they allow us to give free rein to our imagination to upgrade

at best and to our taste our look. Example with Hailey Bieber who cultivates a 100% Californian style. Her

trick is the immaculate crop top associated with baggy jeans and a pair of Vans that gives her a look of

skater assumed.

Jeans + white top = the recipe for success.


Hailey Bieber and her 100% Californian style


Bella Hadid as for her, has more and more fun with the trend atheleisure, understand the right balance

between gymwear and streetwear that the model masters with talent. She cultivates a style that is both

casual and elegant, combining extra-large nylon sweatpants with micro crop tops, a tartan skirt with

a pair of adidas sneakers paired with immaculate knee-high socks. But when she opts for the white top/denim

combo, the top goes bold, sexy and opts for a look with 90’s charm that looks like it’s straight out

of an episode of Beverly Hills 90210.

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Bella Hadid, ultra-sexy in white/denim top


For Kaia Gerber, the immaculate top/jeans combo is synonymous with (almost) French chic. She matches it with a checkered

jacket, a pair of black boots and a pair of aviator glasses. Nothing is simpler than a nice jacket, coat or trench

to sublimate a whole look. electriccondoms

  • Kaia Gerber, elegant in white T-shirt and jeans
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