Video: the secrets of the preparation of the first Met Gala of Sydney Sweeney

Video: the secrets of the preparation of the first Met Gala of Sydney Sweeney 

Between laughter and cries of excitement, Vogue followed the preparation of Sydney Sweeney, a few hours

before walking the red carpet of the Met Gala. 

Sydney Sweeney has made notable appearances in the successful series Euphoria – in which she plays the lead

role – Everyting Sucks! and The Handmaid’s Tale, she admits, a few hours before his passage on the red carpet

of the Met Gala 2022, “have never had so much stage fright”! And for good reason, it was the first time

that the American actress went up the steps of the most expected fashion event of the year . And for this first, she wanted to mark the spirits. Indeed, Sydney Sweeney appeared in a custom-made Tory Burch

creation that consisted of a corset and a train skirt revealing a shorter skirt – perfect for dancing the rest

of the evening. All accessorized with a pair of sparkly Jimmy Choo pumps. 

“I didn’t know what the MET was until I started working as an actress”

Through this video, we follow the preparation of the young woman, between cries of joy (but also of excitement)

and laughter, from the last fittings of her dress to her beauty, live from The Pierre hotel. The inspiration? A grunge look, a bit punk, to contrast with her immaculate

outfit. A way also for the actress “to express her different facets”, she explains. 

The video of Sydney Sweeney’s preparation for her first MET Gala: 

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