What to wear for Men’s Fashion Week

What to wear for Men’s Fashion Week? The experts answer you 

With Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2022-2023 in full swing, our favorite stylists, journalists, models and influencers

share their tips for getting ready for the show.

With men’s fashion week in full swing, all our favorite editors, models, stylists and influencers share their

best looks before parading down the runway this spring 2023.

Street style passion

Before working at Vogue, one of my favorite things to do was to watch all the street style that was visible

online during Fashion Week. I’m fascinated by the way people dress to go to the shows, and it’s the best

way to find out what pieces from the previous season resonated with people the most. And what better way

to find out how your favorite look works off the runway?

Don’t follow the dictates

We know that men’s fashion is evolving right now; more fun, more playful, more adventurous. Maybe you saw

our article last week about the rise of the jockstrap on the catwalk? Prior to these new collections, I reached

out to some of the best dressed people in fashion today to ask them how they were preparing their wardrobe

for Fashion Week. All of them attend the shows and have their own style: they are not just basic hipsters

or people who blindly follow the dictates. Between them, they form a representative sample of what is currently

agitating men’s fashion. And since they’re all out there this season, there’s a good chance they’ll give

us a look at what’s coming tomorrow, too. View more Trucker cap is the star accessory for Fashion Week celebrities

This Thursday, February 24, the second day of Milan Fashion Week fall-winter 2022-2023 vibrated to the rhythm

of the Prada show. Among the 54 silhouettes, a trend has particularly caught our attention… 

By Héloïse Salessy

On the other hand, I don’t give a damn [laughs]. I don’t care about choosing clothes every day to go to the office.

It’s enough work during fashion week or when you go to events, so when you go to work and you see the same faces

every day… Why would I do a look?

Do you have any tips on styling and/or packing for fashion week?

I would say, take everything! [Laughs] Traveling light, I don’t believe in that at all; you have to have choices,

options, you never know what can happen. I always try to make sure I take as much as I can, even if it’s just

for a day or two. Sometimes when you travel, you underestimate how much you need and then you end up crying on

the floor of your fucking hotel room, so I do my best to leave myself options and avoid drama and nervous breakdowns.

Does your style during Fashion Week reflect your everyday style?

It doesn’t reflect my everyday style, but it does reflect my personality. I’m not afraid to let loose, to be

a little more experimental, because, well, I mean, you’re not going to pull out a seasonal Gucci look every day

[laughs]. I just try to do my best to reflect my own thing, my own personality, show who I am in every look.

I also think I’m a little bit of a different person depending on what brand I’m wearing.

  • Nikita Vlassenko during PFW Fall 2022.
  • Photographed by Acielle / StyleDuMonde
  • Nikita Vlassenko, stylist

Do you prepare your outfits for Fashion Week in advance? Or do you let things happen naturally?

It depends, really. Some brands dress me for their shows, so for those specific occasions, I know what

I’m going to wear, I just make a selection from their pieces. I know that if I go to a Rick Owens show,

I’ll be totally rickowensed [laughs].

Do you have any tips, styling advice and/or how to pack for fashion week?

Honestly, I would be hard pressed to give advice. I have absolutely no practical sense [laughs]. I always

take five suitcases just in case. I take everything I can get my hands on and stuff it in, so I guess that

would be my advice: don’t be caught off guard! 

You’re used to runway shows, would you say your style has evolved since the pandemic? If so, how?

I think so, because not getting dressed for all those long months was a bit frustrating, comfortable, but

frustrating. Today I say to myself, nothing to do, if I feel like doing something, I do it, and it will

be fun. It’s a bit of a Pokémon evolution really. I’ve always been really myself, but before, I was into

seduction, trying to please the “Other”. Now I’m doing it for myself first, and I’m more comfortable with

myself. I should add that a year ago, I had access to fewer clothes than I do now, where I “weigh” a little

more in the business. Now I can enjoy some really great pieces. So, yeah, that probably had an impact too.

Quin Lewis, in Thom Browne from head to toe.

Photographed by Phil Oh

Quin Lewis, diplomat

How do you usually approach putting together an outfit, and does it change during Fashion Week?

I dress very differently on a daily basis in my job as a diplomat, it’s a very conservative environment.

I can wear a blue suit, but I still try to add a touch of style here and there, because I don’t want to

lose myself. Style is a great way to express myself, so I try not to give up everything, it would almost

be like leading a double life! I don’t hide my love of fashion and runway shows from the people I work

with. But during Fashion Week, of course, it’s on a whole new level, simply because I can express myself

in a much more creative way. When I go to a fashion show, I always make sure I’m wearing clothes from the

house that’s showing, it seems like the most basic respect when you’re lucky enough to have the pieces.

I’m an amputee, and only recently started wearing shorts again, it’s a whole new, different world, and

I want to accessorize in every way imaginable. If I want a prosthetic cover to match my outfit, that’s

possible, but it does involve a little bit of advance planning.

Does your style during Fashion Week reflect your everyday style?

Normally, when I’m working, I dress more conventionally. In my free time though, if I go out to dinner,

or drinks with friends where I live in Washington D.C., I really experiment a lot more than I do in the

office. I love fashion, I love clothes, so there’s no way I can wait for Fashion Week twice a year to wear


You’re used to runway shows, would you say your style has evolved since the pandemic? If so, how?

I don’t think there have been any major changes. The only thing I realize is that I am getting older. With

social networks today, there is this tendency to follow absolutely every fashion. Whereas you have to pick,

choose, decide what works for you, what works best with your current wardrobe and personal style.

Declan Chan at PFW Fall 2022.

Photographed by Acielle / StyleDuMonde

Declan Chan, stylist

How do you typically approach putting together an outfit, and does it change during Fashion Week?

I have certain style codes that I like to stick to; my cheeky schoolboy style, for example, is still a

mainstay for me, and every season I do a little update, to shake things up a bit. As far as Fashion Week

goes, a lot has changed in the last few years for me. I would say that 60% of the time, when you’re dressed

by brands, you have to work a little bit to make the looks your own and not turn into a walking billboard.

Do you have any tips, styling advice and/or how to pack for Fashion Week?

You need three different steamers: one for the UK, one for Europe and one for the US. They are not interchangeable;

I’ve been wrong many times! And when you arrive in a city without a working steamer, you have to use the

hotel’s iron.

It’s nothing like that, steam works differently!

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How did Diesel become the coolest brand of the moment?

Now under the leadership of the excellent Glenn Martens, the Italian house has a new lease on life.

By Alexandre Marain

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And don’t pack by category. I made the mistake of packing all my shoes and bags in one piece of luggage, my evening

wear in another and the rest in a third. Imagine if you lost one of your bags, you wouldn’t be able to have a complete

look. I highly recommend separating the looks and spreading them evenly in your luggage so that you have something

to wear even if you lose a suitcase.

You’re used to runway shows, would you say your style has evolved since the pandemic? If so, how?

I would say the post-pandemic me takes things in a more relaxed way. I still have fun with fashion, but the pandemic

has allowed me to take a step back. I’ve learned to appreciate the experience of fashion, that working in this

business allows you to live, rather than obsessing about how I dress.

Af1 Sf Nike Sneakernews Muted Bronze Straps Alexander Roth, right, arrives at a PFW Fall 2022 fashion show.

Photographed by Acielle / StyleDuMonde

Alexander Roth, influencer and producer

Do you prepare your outfits for Fashion Week in advance? Or do you let things happen naturally?

For Fashion Week, my outfit is usually structured around the show or event I’m attending. If I’m going to

Versace, I’ll play it a little bit sexier, sweaty; open shirt, suit, that kind of stuff. It really depends

on where exactly I’m going.

Street style: how do the celebrities dress at Milan’s Spring/Summer 2023 Men’s Fashion Week?