A girlA girl, a style: at Mathilde Favier’s home

A girl, a style: at Mathilde Favier’s home, director of public relations for Dior, in Paris

For the past 11 years, Mathilde Favier has been head of public relations at Dior. She has cultivated a

style that is in tune with the times, with a balance between wardrobe essentials, creations from the most

beautiful fashion houses and sweet pieces from young designers. A clever mix of humor and chic, just like

her Parisian cocoon in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, where you feel at home. 

“This dressing room is designed to make you dream, not to make you want to. Mathilde Favier has been in

the fashion business since she was a young girl, and her career path is also one that makes you dream.

From fashion editors to the most prestigious fashion houses, she has gathered throughout her career a

lot of nice memories, with personal details that we discover in her Parisian cocoon. A place that reflects

her image, mischievous and elegant, where her fashion vocation, her passion for the art of the table and

her latest decorating favorites are all harmoniously combined. Let’s meet.

A girl, a style at Mathilde Favier in Paris


Dior shirt, La Double J pants, Manolo Blahnik mules, Christian Dior high jewelry earrings and bracelet, Dior Beauty


Adeline Mai

A girl

A lifelong Parisian, Mathilde Favier obtained her bachelor’s degree in economics in Lubeck. After a first internship

at the age of 14 at Chanel, alongside her uncle Gilles Dufour, Mathilde Favier worked for 5 years in the editorial

department of Glamour after two years of linguistic studies at the Sorbonne. She then moved on to the position of

Fashion Editor-in-Chief at Femina Hebdo before joining the Prada fashion house for 11 years. Now at the head of public

relations at Dior, Mathilde Favier is constantly in close contact with the personalities close to the house who opt

for the creations of its artistic director, Maria Grazia Chiuri. 

We find sympathy in fashion with my close friends, because we are not obsessed with it. Working in fashion does not

result in obsession with the look. We are more fun than that. 


Or rather the personalities that make fashion. Because according to Mathilde, there is not only a relationship with

clothing “Fashion is also embodied by individuals often with offbeat, amusing thoughts and this has reinforced my

humor, too”. Mathilde discovered her vocation alongside her uncle, Gilles Dufour, and her sister, Victoire de Castellane,

respectively Karl Lagerfeld’s right-hand man and designer of costume jewelry at Chanel, both for nearly 20 years.

A multitude of memories that Mathilde takes pleasure in recounting through the pieces of her dressing room, collected

throughout this life of fashion. Year after year, she retains this joyful and marvelous look “I love fashion, I have

a very playful, childish and feminine relationship with it. It’s always nice to feel lightness and the desire to

dress up.”


Bloom Paris dress with Vanessa Seward, Dior belt, Christian Dior haute joaillerie earrings and bracelet, Dior

Beauty makeover

Adeline Mai

A style

Urban, with a fair amount of humor and a preference for the feminine and androgynous fashion of the seventies

“I would love to be a Parisian of Kiraz, a designer who left us 2 years ago. He drew silhouettes of young women

in Jour de France. Signature silhouettes from the 1970s, who sported high-waisted straight pants, with very long

legs and who held futile conversations full of humor!”


Recently, a dinner in Venice for the Biennale, the Cannes Film Festival as well as the Dior Cruise 2023 collection,

presented on June 16 in Seville.

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Alaïa suit and belt, Dior sandals, Christian Dior high jewelry earrings, Dior Beauty makeover

Adeline Mai


This place, which she has lived in for 12 years, Mathilde imagined it as a refuge. She spent her life as a mother

here, before her children left for England, and she now lives her life as a couple here. “Two completely different

lives, but it’s important to have a den where you feel good, and that’s what I feel here. In each of the rooms,

we discover a warm atmosphere, punctuated with personal details, each telling a story “I walk by heart. Everything

is very similar now. Long live the faults of taste, the mistakes, the bad taste, as long as it’s personal.” The Original Nike Shoe Guided tour of the Paris apartment of Mathilde Favier, Dior’s director of public relations



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