At only 20 years old

At only 20 years old, this designer signs the sexiest dresses of the year

His creations are selling like hotcakes and the stars are already fans. Discover who is behind this dress worn by

Dua Lipa.

The biggest stars are snatching his creations, while he is only 20 years old and has just launched his brand. “I try

to create outfits that are both ultra-sexy and sophisticated. I want people to feel confident in my clothes, that

it gives them a form of power”: so says George Trochopoulos. For this young designer, the year starts on the hats

of wheel. Dua Lipa has indeed just posted on Instagram in one of his signature mini-dresses, a fabric model revealing

a striped pattern by transparency. This isn’t the first time George Trochopoulos’ talent has caught the attention

of a high-profile star. Last year, under the guidance of stylist Jared Ellner, he designed a look for Emma Chamberlain,

a famous American youtuber. Then, everything follows. The designer dresses Miley Cyrus, Kendall Jenner or the musician

Lilah. “It’s very strange to be so solicited from one day to the next, says the designer. But it gives me a great

visibility. I love collaborating with other artists on custom projects.” View more 16 emerging brands that we will see everywhere in 2022

Hold on to these names, they’re the ones who will be making fashion this year.

By Alice Cary


George Trochopoulos grew up in the town of Veria, Greece. He explains that he was inspired by the great female figures

of his country, such as the actress Maro Kontou and Melina Mercouri, singer, actress and former minister of culture

of his country. It is not so much their style of dress that he has always admired:, but their intelligence and ability to impose themselves in a world of men.

To be followed closely 

Yet, as a queer person, growing up in Greece was not always easy for the young designer. Attracted by the creative

effervescence of London, he chose to move there. “I remember seeing the designs of Charles Jeffrey and Matty Bovan

and that’s when I knew I wanted to be part of that world,” he explains. “I had discovered the style I loved, but that kind of design would never have been accepted where I grew up. I had to leave.”

Also known for his knits, George Trochopoulos is currently still a student: he’s in his third year at the London

College of Fashion. But his brand is becoming more professional. Backed by a small team, the designer will indeed

unveil his first collection at a London Fashion Week show in February (subject to new health restrictions, of course). “I love my ultra-sexy striped dresses, but I want to show that I’m capable of something else

and that I master other cuts, other textures and other silhouettes” explains the designer. We can’t wait to

discover them. The future of the young George Trochopoulos looks in any case more than promising.

Article originally published on Vogue.UK

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