Aya Nakamura’s 9 fashion

Aya Nakamura’s 9 fashion, beauty and lifestyle essentials 

Fashion pieces, beauty gestures, favorite destinations, cultural favorites: here is the list of the French diva’s


Aya Nakamura is a major star of generation X and Y. She arrived on the scene like a blast with her song Djadja,

which shook up the charts and set the pace for the summer of 2022, reaching more than 800 million views on YouTube

to date. Aya Nakamura is a major musical force but unclassifiable (we’ve heard “afropop”, “afrobeat”, “RnB”, or

a perilous “urban sound”…), the Aya Nakamura formula has caused a sensation in France but also abroad, where

she is exported today like few French artists. Aya, whose real name is Danioko, is nevertheless making a real

place for herself on the international music scene at just 26 years of age, with that elusive je ne sais quoi,

a certain amount of mystery (her private life is kept secret) and immense popularity. In the November issue, she

shares some of the things that punctuate her daily life. Interview.

An accessoryAya Nakamura: “My Saint Laurent glasses, I am very rarely seen with them, but they are essential for

driving or watching a movie.”

A soundtrack “The sound I’m listening to on repeat right now? Damages, by Tems.” Black White Adidas Eqt Courtesy of Tems

A getaway “A place to escape to? Santorini in Greece, a little paradise.” veganskate Getty Images

A favorite show “If I had to recommend the show that punctuates my evenings, I can’t choose between Vikings (pictured)

and (How to Get Away With) Murder, starring Viola Davis.”


History Channel / Courtesy Everett Collection

A perfume”‘Hypnotic Poison’, by Dior, my perfume for the past four years, that stays on the skin all day. The base!”

Men’s Black/Black/Gold Metallic

Courtesy of Dior

A bag “The new ‘Cagole’ model, by Balenciaga.”


Courtesy of Balenciaga

A beauty product “Without hesitation, the ‘Ritual of Ayurveda’ body cream, by Rituals, which leaves an

enveloping trail of Indian rose on the skin.” BB6166 UNISEX Premium Factory Lacing BASF Boost Ultr Courtesy of Rituals

Shoes “My favorite sneakers? Yeezy Boost 700 V3 Kyanite.”

An emoji “My most used emoji, ‘deadpan’: it’s what fits me the most in life, I think.”

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