“Casino Royale”: the underside of the purple dress of Eva Green

“Casino Royale”: the underside of the purple dress of Eva Green

Vogue deciphers the purple dress of Eva Green as the mysterious Vesper Lynd in “Casino Royale”, the first installment

of James Bond with Daniel Craig. 

When in 2022 Daniel Craig becomes the new James Bond in Casino Royale, it is not without public disapproval. Blonder,

younger, qualified as less sophisticated … The actor succeeds a Pierce Brosnan adored by fans of the franchise. The

objective of the director Martin Campbell? To tell the story of the beginnings of agent 007 and his very first mission

against the so-called Le Chiffre. Who says genesis also says first love. That’s where Vesper Lynd comes in, in charge

of making sure the mission goes well. Unlike the classic James Bond girl in a bikini, Vesper Lynd redefines the codes

of the heroine of the spy movie. First incarnated by Ursula Andress in 1967, Martin Campbell throws his lot in with

Eva Green. Brunette, diaphanous skin, velvet eyes… She is perfect to give life to the mysterious and complex character

who will make Bond’s heart capsize. Her charm is so disconcerting that she leaves no one indifferent, especially when

she wears her famous and unforgettable purple dress: https://postheaven.net/editormaraca67/vetements-reebok-pump-supreme-reebok-pump-supreme-vetements-cn0408-crossover .

The renaissance dress

Ian Fleming’s first heroine in the James Bond saga, Vesper Lynd is a character who reveals herself page after

page and has a real arc of evolution. If in Casino Royale we meet her on the train wearing a sober suit https://beastsneakerhead.blogspot.com/2021/11/vans-x-sweet-chick-authentic.html, her masterful appearance in the poker room amazes and reveals much about her development. From the elegant

but formal accountant, she becomes a femme fatale in a close-fitting Roberto Cavalli dress offered by Bond himself.

007 entrusts her with the task of coming up behind him in the middle of the poker game in order to divert the

attention of the players. But Vesper Lynd disobeys and arrives in front of him, disarming him with a look and

putting a kiss on his cheek. It is only then that the vertiginous neckline embroidered with pearls and the fantastic

fall of kidneys of Eva Green hypnotize the assembly. This detail that seems insignificant at first is a scripted

twist that reveals a new facet of the James Bond girl’s personality: she plays the game but according to her

own rules.

The double personality of Vesper Lynd

By choosing the purple silk dress by Roberto Cavalli, costume designer Lindy Hemming sends a double message.

In Western culture, purple is synonymous with spirituality, determination and calm. All qualities that Vesper

Lynd seems to possess in the first sequence where she wears it: https://rotaderon2021.blogspot.com/2022/05/nike-kyrie-2-grade-school-grade-school.html . But when the dress changes a few scenes later, it is the mark of a much more complex and darker personality.

After Obanno’s murder, Vesper Lynd’s apparent strength is shattered. When James Bond finds her in their hotel

room, the young woman has lost all her beauty . Sitting in the shower, she drowns her silent tears under a trickle of cold water. The Roberto Cavalli dress changes

from a bright purple to a dark eggplant and takes on its negative meaning: melancholy, loneliness and death. This

seems to be an omen for the rest of the film, especially as Daniel Craig’s wet white shirt becomes transparent. This

stylistic effect helps the male character to reveal an aspect of his personality that was rarely seen in previous

James Bond films: vulnerability, compassion and tenderness.

This tragic relationship tainted by Vesper’s betrayal will mark the spy for the rest of his life and give the franchise

a whole new dimension. 


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