Giorgio Armani: “After this dark period

Giorgio Armani: “After this dark period, we will thirst for beauty.”

A year after his first digital fashion show, the Italian designer imagines a post-pandemic collection where

evening wear quietly resumes its place, while keeping the comfort and softness of the interior pieces that

have accompanied us these past months.

A year ago, as Milan and its region went into lockdown, Giorgio Armani was the first designer to make the

decision to cancel his show, inaugurating in passing the now well established model of digital presentations.

It was a pragmatic decision that reflects the man who, after more than forty years in the business, is used

to being one step ahead – especially when it comes to what people will want to wear in the near future. A

year later, he tried to understand how we will want to dress after the pandemic. Here’s what he thinks the

next winter will bring.

Giorgio Armani:

Giorgio Armani

A desire for beauty

In an email sent ahead of the presentation of his new collection, Giorgio Armani is formal: “People will continue

to crave clothes that make them look, and feel, good.” And if any designer knows anything about what fashion can

become after a crisis period, it’s him. 

I base this on my experience, having grown up in the post-war era: the end of that dark period created a vast desire

for beauty. 

It is this desire that he anticipates this season, in men’s and women’s collections that balance the idea of comfort

and casual silhouettes that have dominated fashion in recent months, with the anticipation of better times in which

we will want to dress again.

Giorgio Armani

A liberating fashion

The result is a men’s and women’s collection where casual wear is slowly migrating to evening wear, in warm, luminous

materials and a reduced range of colors where midnight blue, water green and pearl gray are mixed with deep black,

“to create a nocturnal atmosphere where day and evening mix freely. It’s a way to bring the focus back to fashion as

a liberating and rewarding expression.”

Giorgio Armani

Precision and authenticity

“When we talk about fashion we’re not talking about need:, but desire and dream,” he asserts. He wants to stay as close to this notion of desire as possible, as he has

always done, but always with the same requirement of construction and balance, so that the garment really translates

the intention. This results in tailoring with a softened line, slit skirts: sarouel-style pants or delicate

lace:, enhanced with festive details such as ruffles or sparkling embroidery. 

True luxury must be authentic. In my world, authenticity of creation, design, materials – and communication

too – is the most important quality. Always.

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