Gucci gives a new dimension to men’s leggings

Gucci gives a new dimension to men’s leggings

This sportswear piece, often worn by men during their jogging session, is taking the men’s wardrobe by storm

and trying to boost its fashion quotient.

In recent years, we have witnessed a return in force of the sportswear trend. If the jogging, the ultra comfy

shorts and the tracksuit jacket are self-proclaimed essentials of the wardrobe for an optimistic and hopeful

season, another piece that we are not used to see worn by men is entering the fashion scene for the assurance

of a style that is both trendy and comfortable. It is the legging, and it took the Gucci spring-summer 2022

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By Alexandre Marain Star of the catwalk

After having been adored by prominent personalities, the legging was reviewed and visited by fashion designers

in recent years, after Givenchy in 2010, under the leadership of Riccardo Tisci, or Jean Paul Gaultier

in the 1990s, have appropriated it. For spring-summer 2022, Louis Vuitton resurrected it for a collection

with sportswear accents, then Balenciaga, for its fall-winter 2020-2021 show, diverted it via its own

vision of the diving outfit, a look composed of a top and stretch leggings, associated with a pair of

UFO slippers. The last house to have seized the leggings? Gucci, under the leadership of Alessandro Michele,

who did not hesitate to mark it with the double G emblem of the Italian house, all associated with suit

jackets, offering a new chic and shock dimension to the piece.

Gucci spring-summer 2022

GoRunway Gucci spring-summer 2022


If morals and boundaries between genders are blurring from season to season, leggings are often associated with

the female gender, just like the dress, which is increasingly democratized: guest on the set of Saturday Night

Live a few months ago, Kid Cudi paid tribute to Kurt Cobain and displayed on stage with a long dress with flowers

Off-White. But let’s not get sidetracked: many men have already adopted leggings over the past few years, including

A$AP Rocky, Kanye West, but also and especially Shia Labeouf, an absolute fan of skin-tight leggings in neon colors.

The actor inspires so much that he is the subject of @shiasoutfits, an Instagram account that lists his looks

with normcore influences. All that’s left is to dare to jump the gun and adopt this trend! Louis Vuitton spring-summer 2022

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