How do stars assume more and more their baby bumps

How do stars assume more and more their baby bumps?

Who said you can’t be pregnant and dare to look sexy? From Adriana Lima on the steps of Cannes to Rihanna on the cover

of Vogue US, celebrities sublimate their baby bumps and normalize the round bellies. 

The whole web is talking about it: Rihanna would have revolutionized the traditional look of the pregnant woman. Goodbye

ultra-wide maternity pants, hello bare bellies and lace dresses. But the singer is not the only one to have assumed

her baby bump in recent years. We are witnessing a real fashion trend, celebrities claiming a new image of the pregnant

woman, more confident and free to wear what she likes. View more Baby bump: what if pregnant celebrities’ photos were part of women’s emancipation?

By Sarah Raphael

How do stars assume more and more their baby bumps

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Pregnant stars are having more and more fun with fashion 

Latest example? Adriana Lima on the steps of the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. On the arm of André Lemmers,

she proudly shows her pregnancy in a long black Balmain dress with an exposed belly. The top Emily Ratajkowski,

who recently gave birth to her first child, had also taken advantage of her round belly to confirm her fashion status:

sexy looks, transparency games, ultra-tight bikinis, she keeps her assumed style throughout her pregnancy, proving

that becoming a mother does not have to give up her femininity. 

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The same in France with Lou Doillon who did not hesitate at the beginning of March to announce that she is pregnant

with a short top made of white tulle, just before posing naked with a round belly in a new Instagram publication. 

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Affirming your baby bump, a gradual change 

Before them, other stars have tried to change the paradigm around the appropriate or not looks during pregnancy,

without real success. Kim Kardashian, for example, was heavily criticized when she was expecting her second child,

especially after she responded to criticism of her baby bump and her tight dresses with a naked picture of her pregnant

on social networks. 

In the early 1990s, it was even less common: the star Demi Moore created the surprise and opened the way by revealing

her belly in a naked photoshoot and lingerie under the lens of the great Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair. Shots

became iconic and inspired those of the stars who followed her, like Serena Williams, also pregnant and on the cover

of Vanity Fair in 2022.

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Today, if it is easier for some stars to speak out on this subject and we get to the momentum that is the pregnancy

of Rihanna, it is surely thanks to these bold initiatives, which have questioned step by step the status of the

pregnant woman and what she should wear. 

We remember the announcement of Beyoncé’s twins in 2022, the singer posing in lingerie, wrapped in a long transparent

veil. She had later staged her baby bump during a performance noticed at the Grammy awards, with spectacular looks,

each sublimating her round belly. 

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In 2021, Cardi B also tries the exercise and makes in turn her pregnancy a fashion statement. Performances on stage,

magazine covers, looks showing her belly … Just like Nicki Minaj, who had also placed her round belly at the center

of attention earlier in 2020, including through photos taken by the famous David LaChappelle. 

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Sublimating your round belly is part of a vast movement of body acceptance

Since then, all the stars are doing it. The announcement of a pregnancy is a defining moment in the life of a woman.

For celebrities, it’s also an opportunity to reinforce their status as fashion icons and to assert their belly.

In recent years, public appearances have been linked: Sophie Turner unveils her baby bump in a micro top in the

streets of New York, Gigi Hadid in a transparent mini dress for Vogue UK, Katy Perry in a light chiffon dress in

the video of “Never Worn White” … 

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While pregnancy has long been a time of sartorial restrictions, it is now a field of creation and fashion experimentation

for celebrities. But also and increasingly, a time of claims, as for Ashley Graham, who had also widely celebrated

her baby bump in late 2021, while evoking the difficulties of postpartum. The time is then no longer discretion

and taboos surrounding pregnancy, but much more to the acceptance of the body that changes and its enhancement. 

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Rihanna revolutionizes maternity wear

And for this, the stars surround themselves with the big houses. The objective, to sublimate their baby bumps with

elegance. Rihanna is the first one: she reveals she is pregnant in a vintage Chanel candy pink look that makes the

world go round before appearing at the Paris Fashion Week in a lace nightie signed by Dior… She multiplies the

sharp fashion references and makes sensation in ultra-sensual outfits, which divide the internet users.

Rihanna in Los Angeles during a Fenty party on February 11, 2022.

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Rihanna attending the Dior show at Paris Fashion week on March 2

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, 2022.

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On the cover of US Vogue, she posed confidently in an Alaïa lace jumpsuit, and said she didn’t want to wear

maternity clothes; Black Nike Dunk SB . If pregnancy has made her undeniably evolve, she believes in this interview that she has not changed and that

she remains the same woman, pregnant or not, hence the looks always so bold, in her image. 

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An inspiring speech, which, coupled with all these recent fashion appearances of pregnant stars: Core Black/Footwear White/Active Red Core Black/Footwear White/Active Red , may definitely change the ‘maternity wear’ as we imagine it today. New fashion trends around maternity

wear might be born. It’s about time! 

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