How do you shine in your job interview for a career in luxury

How do you shine in your job interview for a career in luxury?

On the occasion of the Vogue Fashion Festival 2022, Michael Boroian, founder and CEO of Sterling International,

a headhunting firm specializing in luxury and fashion, talks about “the art of headhunting” and gives

us key tips for a successful interview in luxury and fashion.

Virgile Guinard

What does the art of hunting represent in a headhunting firm?

Why “the hunt”? “Because it’s a bit like a real hunt, we go looking for an animal, our talent, to try to get it and

place it somewhere. At the end, if we succeed, it’s kind of like a reward, a trophy on the wall, it’s the hunt for

a head after all.”

“It all starts with a brief by the client, who tells us what they are looking for. In the brief, the client tells

us the context, either someone has resigned or it’s a new position, so the potential talent knows why they are being

offered. So we find the context, but also the definition of the position, the profile of the candidate (desired languages,

technical skills, management aspects). The brief is the beginning of the hunt, we need to know what the client wants,

and what talent they are looking for.”

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Virgile Guinard

What are the main qualities and skills to work in luxury?

“When I recruit talent in the luxury and fashion industry, I expect people, that even if they look good and sound good, it’s not enough for me, they need to have some

interest and passion for luxury and fashion: . The idea of going international is really the key. English first, but French, Italian are still very

important. Of course, Chinese, Russian, and for Japanese clients, Arabic. Foreign languages, it’s more

and more important in a career for luxury and fashion:, very important.”