How to dress like Brigitte Bardot in winter

How to dress like Brigitte Bardot in winter;Elsa Schiaparelli style in 24 vintage shots;Street style: how do

celebrities dress in this particular Fashion Week;Flame of Pigalle prepares for her very first Dior show;

As the icon celebrates her 86th birthday today, look back at Brigitte Bardot’s most fashionable winter silhouettes. 

Elsa Schiaparelli, Italian designer of the eponymous house, collaborated with Salvador DalĂ­ and dressed Greta

Garbo or Katharine Hepburn: . While she was born on September 10, 1890, back on his success story in pictures. Dive into the backstage

of her preparation before attending the Dior fashion show; . As if you were there.

Who has never dreamed of attending a Dior fashion show? This is the case of Sharon Alexie,, aka Flamme de Pigalle, influencer and model whose Instagram is about to reach 500 000 followers, who

saw her dream come true under the cameras of Vogue Paris. The opportunity to follow her in her preparations

before the show: between style and make-up lessons:, healthy snack time, fashion anecdotes and arty inspirations… 

The preparation of Flamme de Pigalle for the Dior show;

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