INA : 7 fashion videos to watch for free on the site

INA : 7 fashion videos to watch for free on the site

INA’s streaming platform is free for three months: about, and is full of archival videos that tell the story of the evolution of

The streaming platform of the Institut National de l’Audiovisuel (INA) is free for three months, and is full

of archival videos that tell the story of the evolution of fashion, as art, as culture and as an industry. From

behind the scenes at Dior in the 1970s to the creation of the first model unions, here are 7 videos to watch

to dive back into the history of fashion in the 20th century: Width .

Birth of a Dior collection

It’s 1971 and Marc Bohan, Dior’s artistic director from 1961 to 1989, recounts the genesis of one of his collections

for the TV show Vingt-quatre heures on channel 2. From the sketch to the presentation, through the choice of fabrics

and the mounting of canvases, the creative process has not changed. Except that at the time, haute couture still

influenced a ready-to-wear, in full explosion.


Business and fashion

In 1962, the photographer and director William Klein signed for the program Five Columns on the front page a report

in the backstage of the fashion industry; CONTINUES . We meet the biggest sharks of New York, bosses of the first department stores:, during a cocktail party with the air of a mafia meeting where they talk about fashion, money and influence.

But also the great editors of the time, those who make the law, like Edmonde Charles-Roux, who bets on a young

designer named Yves Saint Laurent, convinced that he will become someone … Or Lee Radziwill as a young influencer.

The other side of the fashion scene in the 1960s: putianinchina, when models still smoked during fittings and the future of ready-to-wear clothing was still in doubt, served by

William Klein’s hallucinating shots.

The rebels of the Faubourg

The unionism will not lack neither charm nor sex appeal assures the voice-over of the program Seven days of the world,

which in 1964 broadcasts a report on the creation of the first unions of models of France. A dive behind the scenes

of modeling at a time when we try to draw the contours of this profession then in full rise, where aspiring models

who are asked to be docile, like a doll out of a box, begin a long work to assert their rights.


Golden Eighties

In 2022, the first episode of Fashion! produced by Mademoiselle Agnès and designed by Olivier Nicklaus, looks back

at the fashion of the 1980s through the eyes of four of its iconic designers: Jean Paul Gaultier, Claude Montana,

Thierry Mugler and Azzedine Alaïa. A new generation that put fashion in fashion, with spectacular shows and collections

that caused a scandal. A documentary full of surprising images, such as Jean Paul Gaultier asking passers-by, in

the middle of the street, what they think of his skirt for men, images of crazy parties at the Palace, or Grace Jones

in the middle of a fitting for an Azzedine Alaïa collection.

Azzedine Alaïa about fashion

Interviewed by Thierry Ardisson in 1988 for the program Bains de minuit, the designer talks about his latest collection

inspired by Arletty, his childhood in Tunisia or his vision of fashion, detached from any notion of consumerism.

A touching interview that highlights the unique personality of Azzedine Alaïa, filled with great humility about his

status as a star designer.


Dim Dam Dom

Broadcast between 1965 and 1970 on Antenne 2, the show deals with fashion and pop culture through the great icons

of the time. The few episodes available take us to Saint-Tropez with Françoise Dorléac, to the discovery of the 1966

collections or to an interview with a young Yves Saint Laurent, who doesn’t mince his words when it comes to answering

Gabrielle Chanel’s accusations of having copied his models. Cult.

The woman and the beauty

In 1970, an ambassador’s wife, a worker, an archaeologist and a producer talk about their relationship to fashion

and beauty. A fascinating testimony on the evolution of the place of women in the different social classes of society,

at a time when the fashion and beauty industries are booming and experimenting, via advertising and fashion magazines,

all the ways to sell dreams to these new consumers.


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