Jacquemus in Camargue: what to remember from the incredible fall-winter 2022-2023 show

Jacquemus in Camargue: what to remember from the incredible fall-winter 2022-2023 show

The designer gave appointment to a handful of guests in Camargue the time of his fashion show fall-winter

2022-2023, entitled “The Paper”.

Jacquemus had given some hints about the location of his show. The most perceptive have pointed to the Camargue.

The Camargue, the white horses, the pious and gypsy processions for the Black Madonna, the guardians…

“No,” Simon Porte Jacquemus had retorted, “I think that will surprise you, it will not be the Camargue of

postcards.” Surprising, it is an understatement: this physiognomy of the Camargue, it is necessary to be

saunier, this craftsman of salt, to know the secret of this lunar landscape, atypical, with as horizon,

the pink lake of salin-de-Giraud…  triminexdren1980 Acielle StyleDuMonde

A Jacquemus fashion show in the salt mountains

Jacquemus would not have done better in this chromatic palette that resembles so much, this unreal pink that borders

the dissolving white … Mountains of salt, blinding, rocky … It is too beautiful to be hostile, too hallucinating

to oppress. And besides when the first arrivals enter this immense set, there is a certain poetry in natural counterpoint:

the Jacquemus girls and the Simon aficionados have the naive glamour: the girls are lascivious in all innocence,

the boys have the teasing linen… the pastels mix with the shades of beige. A very soft crowd in this imperious



Acielle StyleDuMonde

Simon Porte Jacquemus is inspired by marriage in his new collection

When the fashion show begins, the models arrive from far away and slowly descend the white hills. They approach

the fundamental tones of the designer. The white, of course, we are in the atmosphere of Paper, the name of his

collection. The black, more surprising to him, but not so much, it is consubstantial with a South, if we know him

well. The beige of course. All this in a procession that oscillates between the ceremony and fashion. The wedding

is a thread, a wink to his, soon, in August … The muslin is numerous, in train, mantilla, veil, overflowing an

asymmetrical dress or an open dress. The accessories decorated with garlands recall his conviction of this moment,

the Giacometti brothers, whose works in plaster fascinate him. 


Acielle StyleDuMonde

Men also wear this muslin, like newlyweds. Lots of ties, straps that hold Empire necklines, back drops, gathers

on the chest or hips. It is on the verge of nudity: it would take only a little… And it also works for men,

a shirt falling on the shoulder, a slashed vest, a suit open on the skin… It is the same kind of sensuality

and that is surprising, this languorous abandonment to the male. Surprising also the variations on winter, while

Jacquemus always seems happy in summer: lined jackets, soft overcoats, parkas enveloping … A parade “in situ”

is an atmosphere, everything must match, be part of the hem of a garment. This final in this absolute white,

on an electro version of the Suite Bergamasque – Clair de Lune by Debussy, the most charming of composers, by

Isao Tomita, that we advise you to listen, is another atmosphere of love … Victoria Beckham, Tina Kunakey,

Vincent Cassel … were the guests of choice. The day ended in a wonderful sunset to give way to an evening under

the open sky, in the dance and in an ideal temperature with the evening wind for fan.  Until the end of the night.

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