Jonathan Anderson: “I no longer believe in excess in fashion”

Jonathan Anderson: “I no longer believe in excess in fashion”

The designer presented his fall-winter 2021-2022 collection in a series of giant posters photographed by Juergen

Teller that feature a scaled-down collection and the work of ceramicists Dame Magdalene Odundo and Shawanda


In recent seasons, Jonathan Anderson has established himself as the master of remote presentations with his

“catwalk in a box” or “on the wall”. New formats where the spectator interacts directly with the creations,

accompanied by videos where the designer explains his approach on camera. And the exercise pleases him more

than he could have imagined. “I could even see myself continuing like this” he said last night in an interview

on Zoom. “I really appreciate being able to explain my creations in a different context than backstage, where

you have to fight against fatigue and tell everything in 5 minutes.” It helped him, too, to better understand

his own creative urges.

JW Anderson

As he explains in a letter that accompanies the images from the fall/winter 2021-2022 collection revealed this

morning – a series of giant posters photographed by Juergen Teller, the work he’s done this season is his most

personal to date. To accompany the pared-down selection of mesh macro dresses, petticoat accumulations or extra-large

jumpsuits, he collaborated with two ceramicists he particularly admires, Dame Magdalene Odundo and Shawanda Corbett,

on a series of covers based on their work. “The blanket interests me because you turn to it both when you feel

good and bad. It’s an emotional object.”

JW Anderson

It is precisely emotion that Jonathan Anderson wanted to inject into his work this season, through clothing and ceramics,

whose forms respond to those of his pieces, but especially through the story that surrounds it. “I no longer believe

in excess in fashion. These days I am unable to digest 60 looks, or even 30. Instead, I crave a concentrated exercise,

beautiful, beautifully printed images that you want to put in a frame or hang in the National Portrait Gallery (…)

During this confinement, I’ve come to understand many things about myself and my work.” In his letter, he also discusses

serendipity, or the art of being in the right place at the right time and letting the stars align. “Magdalene worked

very close to where I grew up in Ireland, where she also did work on Rugby players. My father happened to be a player

himself.” JW Anderson

It is through this kind of serendipitous knowledge that the collection and accompanying body of art was born.

A three-part work that combines emotion, craft and fashion with a sincere artistic discourse that we never tire

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