Justin Bieber makes a maximum effect in candy pink leather pants

Justin Bieber makes a maximum effect in candy pink leather pants

The 28-year-old singer seems to have a new cult for leather and vinyl.

Nothing stops Justin Bieber anymore. If the fashion seems to rush on the influencers with Instagram accounts inflated

with helium, he has long dragged the reputation of singer with a streak that triggered hysteria in the 10-18 years.

It is now behind him, since the singer has managed to make a place for himself in the fashion sphere. The Vetements

collective will even go so far as to parade an oversized hoodie “Justin 4 ever” in 2022… View more Hailey and Justin Bieber tame the matching outfit to perfection in the streets of London

By Alexandre Marain and Alice Cary

Justin Bieber makes a maximum effect in candy pink leather pants


Justin Bieber dares to wear candy pink leather pants on stage

Cultivating a style with both street and sportswear influences, it’s not surprising to see Justin Bieber dressed

in ultra-large jogging pants, all kinds of hats, and hoodies from the brand he founded, drew house. But it’s

on stage that the singer’s fashion quotient soars. On April 3, at the Grammy Awards, he was seen wearing just

a hoodie and a cap, with a piece that seems to have become his new signature: black vinyl pants. make Rich Fury/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

A few days later, Justin Bieber made a splash on stage wearing a pair of candy pink leather effect suit pants:

Medium , paired with (a big trend of the moment) a white tank top, a pair of glasses and a pearl necklace.

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