Kate Moss’ new fashion statement

Kate Moss’ new fashion statement? Her Chihuahua

In early November: https://notes.io/WqPj, Kate Moss walked the streets of Primrose Hill accompanied by her new four-legged friend: a baby Chihuahua

that she does not hesitate to dress in her effigy; https://prosedahlia0.edublogs.org/2022/04/14/nike-kobe-8-shoes-nike-kobe-11-low-mens-basketball-shoes-kobe-bryant/ . Daring idea or completely crazy?

It is while leaving a pet shop in the heart of Primrose Hill that Kate Moss was seen for the first time with her

new puppy: http://rowsheartverpi1970.unblog.fr/2022/01/19/vintage-nike-air-max/ . A baby Chihuahua still too small for the walk, that she takes pleasure to make enthroned in her arms. Extreme

snobbery? With her sharp sense of style, the top has fun to dress the ball of hair in his image, https://familybowl9.werite.net/post/2022/04/16/New-Balance-M-997-Iridescent-Duck-Camo-made-in-USA, from ears to legs. That’s how on November 23, the pair was seen shopping in North London;


, with almost similar looks: the cold weather outfit worn by Kate Moss – long black coat, wide pants and immaculate

sneakers – was replaced by the puppy’s: https://orchidmark04.werite.net/post/2022/05/26/New-Balance-Replica-999, simply twisted with a nice oversized turtleneck sweater in the image of his mistress, right in the trend.

So, the master/dog outfit matching, new fashion statement?

*Photo credit: https://debtoreight6.edublogs.org/2022/06/01/adidas-originals-sleek-series-adidas-originals-sleek-review/ : Gotcha Images