Kourtney Kardashian and Julia Fox are complete fans of this young designer

Kourtney Kardashian and Julia Fox are complete fans of this young designer

Tara Hakin, 26, the designer who conquered Julia Fox, Jorja Smith or Kourtney Kardashian, tells us about her vision

and her future in the industry.

“I contacted Julia Fox’s team to create a look especially for her,” says Tara Hakin, the Irish designer, talking about

the outfit inspired by a manicure designed for the Uncut Gems star last month. “It was a first for me. The way she

appropriates contemporary pop culture is super interesting.”

“My motivation and desire to create is ingrained in me; I can’t see myself doing anything else and I wasn’t good at

anything else” – Tara Hakin

Courtesy of Tara Hakin


Long before Tara Hakin was dressing fashion’s hottest stars in her inimitably stylish designs, including Paloma Elsesser,

Jorja Smith, Iris Law and Kourtney Kardashian, among others, that some of the famous faces spotted wearing items from

her eponymous line in 2022, the 26-year-old University of Brighton graduate knew that her skill and perseverance would

lead her in the right direction. “My motivation and desire to create is ingrained in me; I can’t see myself doing

anything else and I wasn’t good at anything else because my mind was always on something else.

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By Raven Smith



Like many designers during the pandemic, Tara Hakin, who greeted us from Donaghadee, a small town just outside Belfast,

wondered what she could bring to the fashion industry, a market that, as we know, is saturated and where new designers

never end to surprise us. “I felt lost before the pandemic, and it showed,” she recalls. Turns out her daring, sculptural

clothes were exactly the breath of fresh air the fashion industry needed.

Seductive, sensual and versatile

Tara Hakin’s innovative designs are seductive, sensual and versatile. Designs range from striking asymmetrical body-con

dresses adorned with abstract images of car crashes, to low-rise slice pants that fall to the hips, to wet-look lycra

swimsuits adorned with consistently unique iconography.


Instagram: @tarahakin

“For me, fashion is about creating armor for the wearer.” – Tara Hakin

The starting point for Tara Hakin’s design is playing with shapes in the confines of her East London studio.

“I usually combine my research with 3D experiments on mannequins. Draping is my favorite part of the process

because I love the tactile element. For me, fashion is about creating armor for the wearer. I want my pieces

to become an extension of the wearer,” she emphasizes. renaperke1987 Courtesy of Tara Hakin

A promising future

Tara Hakin’s talents are not limited to the walls of her studio. You’ve probably spotted her costume designs in

the music videos for Celeste and RosalĂ­a. “If I’m working on an outfit for a music video, film or performance,

I can be more unconventional.” What’s in store for Tara Hakin this year? “It’s great to see a wide range of people

wearing my clothes, differing in age and body type; I feel proud to know that I can offer something to everyone.

My main goals are to have a my wholesale inventory and send my pieces to the runways.”

Translation by Sophie Brindel

Article originally published on Vogue UK

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