Lanvin revisits this mythical clip from the 2000s

Lanvin revisits this mythical clip from the 2000s

To present his new collection, Bruno Sialelli revisits the video clip of Rich Girls, a huge success of Gwen

Stefani and Eve released in 2022, whose music has rocked a whole generation. 

In the age of digital fashion weeks, where videos, live shows, performances and more are all around us, how

can we break away from the ambient noise and find a clear, concise and impactful way to present a collection?

Bruno Sialelli found it: a video clip, quite simply. And not just any clip. He chose to revisit Rich Girl, the

huge hit signed Gwen Stefani and Eve in 2022, carried by a maximalist clip where the two pop stars exposed their

wealth in sumptuous settings. He called on director Helmi, famous for having worked with Drake and Cardi B,

to deliver a Lanvin version, where the models dance and have fun in the corridors of a luxurious hotel, even

in its toilets – like a real party moment between girls. And even invited Eve to come and cover her rap solo

from the original piece.


References that speak to a whole generation

“When the video came out I was 15, I was still living in Marseille. I discovered many houses through

pop stars and actresses, it is a field of expression that attracted me a lot. At 33 years old, a nostalgia

starts to settle for what we lived when we were teenagers and the culture we consumed” explained Bruno

Sialelli after the revelation of the clip. This culture of ultra glamorized celebrity resonates with

the direction he is taking Lanvin: a fashion that dares to assert its desire for luxury, with humor,

and that plays with the codes of a past elegance by lightening them for the daily life of today.


Lanvin codes for today’s world

“I’ve been watching a lot of the 1920s, a pivotal period for Jeanne Lanvin. After World War I and the Spanish

flu, she pushed her house further.” Notably by collaborating with artists of the Art Deco movement. In

a nod to this, Bruno Sialelli worked with the James Rosenquist Foundation, on a print using the pop motifs

of his works. He was also inspired by the jewelry dresses designed by Jeanne Lanvin at the time. “There

is also this Polignac pink, this Lanvin blue, the feathers, the necklaces, the duchess satin…” all the

codes of a luxury designed at the dawn of the Roaring Twenties. “I like the idea that between 1920 and

2020, a pattern can be reproduced. Jeanne Lanvin had taken it upon herself to surf on this creative and

economic boom that fashion experienced at that time, I wanted to make this link.” While putting a distance

with the heritage dimension.


A fashion to go out

From the Lanvin heritage, the woman that Bruno Sialelli dresses has kept the grain of madness, this assumed attraction

for an ultra-prepared femininity and for her desires for parties. “We’re talking about the roaring twenties, these

balls where people danced to death… We’re starting to see the light, spring is coming, we want a satisfying social

life more than ever. That was the point.” With these feathered pieces cut for the party, these vitaminized suits,

these accumulations of necklaces and these mini dresses with unstructured drapes, no doubt that the Lanvin woman,

version 2021, will have something to do when the time comes to go out dancing again to the hits of her adolescence.

Starting with Rich Girls. 

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