Mini-me: this brand we love signs the most fashionable cardigan for kids 

Mini-me: this brand we love signs the most fashionable cardigan for kids 

Founded in 2022 around the cardigan, which has become a signature, the Italian brand Alanui extends its expertise

to the home and to kidswear. 

Even more fundamental to the Alanui label than the essential cardigan is the family. Nicolò and his sister

Carlotta are committed to their association and to this value. And this can be felt in their creative process.

As in a family, the evolutions take place in an organic way. This is how the duo came to create a children’s

and home line. Because in these times of limited mobility, the core of the family and its home have regained

central importance. Feeling good at home, a simplicity that has become a luxury.



After the older ones, why not the children? Meaning “wide path” in Hawaiian, Alanui imagines pieces that will

follow their owner through time, on the path of life. On the program? Signature Native American prints, often

mixed and brightly colored while bangs and shawl collars warm up the silhouette.

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As well as through a nomadic homewear collection

On the home side, it’s also about family and comforting pieces. Large, cashmere, warm, this plaid wraps the

whole family in these winter Sundays. The cushions are made of fine knit or knitted fabric, and the solid

colors, such as royal blue, are seen in children’s clothing. Conceived at the beginning as the perfect travel

companion, according to its creators, the Alanui cardigan is now available in a nomadic interpretation, resolutely

in the air of time. Today’s travels being restricted from house to house, why not adapt it to indoor life

and refocus on your loved ones? Alanui

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