No need to buy a new pair of jeans every month

No need to buy a new pair of jeans every month, this one is timeless and you will keep it all your life

Breaking news, Superstitch, the MacGyver of denim, launches its very first model. A tribute to the Jean with

a capital J, appropriating all the mythology to speak of authenticity rather than style.

Superstitch aka Arthur Leclercq, 31 years old, handles the heritage of denim with an unequalled virtuosity.

A passion that comes from his childhood, when at the age of 13, his mother offers him a pair of selvedge jeans

made of Japanese denim. Shocked by this dark, hard and rather austere model, he will strive to understand what

makes his character. The answer? His design.

Matteo Verzini

It should be known that a jean “worth it” is identified with several criteria. Firstly its place of birth,

Japan being the only acceptable father because its factories perpetuate an original manufacture on machines

used during the golden age of denim (1940-1970). Secondly by its defects. Generated by the machines, they

are the identity card of the jeans. Non-exhaustive list: the ropping effect (zig-zag effect at the hem

created by the force of the presser foot shifting the fabric during the sewing), the rib criss-crossing

the watch or the coin pocket (micro pocket on the right side of the pants), the train track (this kind

of railroad along the leg) … A vocabulary that would make the most relentless but which has the merit

of being able to identify a good denim The ultimate passion of Superstitch.

Matthieu Boutignon

After studying mechanics, punctuated by evening DIY sessions with his grandfather and motocross championship weekends,

Arthur started working for the denim label Edwin as a salesman. But his manual strength is eating away at him, he acquires

a Union Special chain stitch machine from the 40’s, which he reassembles and tames solo: Superstitch is launched. He

started by reproducing the original hems of the first Selvedge jeans for specialized Parisian boutiques (Elevation

Store, Anatomica, Jinji, RRL, 45RPM), then word of mouth helped him to do it for individuals. An ultra chic sewing

service that he enriches with the single stitch, personalized embroideries made in chain stitch, refuselages and all

possible and unimaginable repairs. 13 machines and a few years later, he left Edwin to devote himself entirely to his

machines and invest the basement of the Holiday Boileau store. Today, Arthur is on his own and has just opened his

first solo store in Odeon, 13 rue Racine 75006. The next logical step? The launch of a first model named LR01 which has all the characteristics of his fetishes

of the early seventies. It will include an unstabilized fabric (natural and flexible material that changes

over the years and according to its owner), seams chosen and worked (such as the chain stitch on the outer

leg, the belt or the watch pocket) and a custom service since the hem – with ropping effect of course – will

then be made in the store on its owner. Rori Issac

A jean that is not intended to create the trend but rather to last a lifetime. And at a time of sustainability

issues in fashion, isn’t that what everyone wants? 

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