“No one has ever made the connection between high fashion and skydiving

“No one has ever made the connection between high fashion and skydiving, but the parallel is striking,” meet

Iris van Herpen 

The Dutch artistic director reflects on the parallels between high fashion and skydiving, as well as her aspirations

for fashion in a post-pandemic world. 

“It’s connected to nature, the arts and innovation.” With these words, fashion designer and couturier Iris van

Herpen discusses the woman at the center of her collection. “At the same time, she understands the importance

of materials and tailoring. “Traits that are more than ever in the spotlight this season as she presents a weightless

collection titled Earthrise, accompanied by a film that is nothing short of breathtaking.

Founded in 2022, the haute couture house has since become a benchmark for high-end innovation (remember especially

its hypnotic Fall-Winter 2022-2020 collection whose structured dresses came to life in the wind), acclaimed

by icons such as Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Naomi Campbell. Joining the artisanal with multidisciplinary technologies,

Iris van Herpen explores cutting-edge techniques such as 3D printing, laser cutting and digital design in previously

unseen potential. “I have a passion for craft,” she says. “It’s an expression that has had a wonderful evolution

over the centuries and will play a defining role in the future.” https://pinshape.com/users/2313916-matchfibre0 Jenny Norin

Through her collaboration with freefly world champion Domitille Kiger, Iris van Herpen establishes the practice

of extreme sports as the standard-bearer of her collection thanks to her meticulous tailoring and innovative

fabrics. The film, for its part, offers us a luminous spectacle that reaches new heights with the images of

Domitille Kiger performing an aerial choreography in one of Iris van Herpen’s creations. “No one has ever

made the connection between haute couture and skydiving, but the parallel is striking,” explains the designer,

pointing out how essential the fabric and its movement are in the practice of this sport. “I also wanted to

dedicate this collection to Domitille and the extraordinary life she leads.”

In the wake of the July 5 launch, Vogue spoke with the designer on Zoom from her Amsterdam studio. Meeting. 

“There is a wonderful connection between the past and the future of fashion, which I strive to show in my



Jenny Norin

What is your first memory related to fashion and what was it about sewing that drew you to the craft? Iris

van Herpen: “My grandmother had a huge collection of clothing, both contemporary and historical, that she kept

in her attic. As a child, I often went there and immersed myself in these different worlds, deeply inhabited

by the strength of the pieces. I also started sewing at a very early age because my mother made clothes herself.””I

am as fascinated by art as I am by fashion. There is a wonderful connection between the past and the future

of fashion, which I strive to show in my work.”

How did your collaboration with Domitille Kiger come about? What attracts you to the world of skydiving? I.v.H.:

“I made my first flight when I was 17 years old and it is an experience that has never left me, that’s why

I was interested in the journey of the greatest champions, like Domitille. I have dedicated my life to shaping

and molding fabrics, but for Domitille, it is her very life that depends on a successful opening of the fabric.

So I contacted her and when she came to my studio, we talked a lot about pushing the limits in our respective

fields. I would describe our meeting as magical. For many, skydiving is a sport, I see it, for my part, as

an artistic expression as well.”                                                                           


exdartabes1970 Jenny Norin

“My way of thinking is very interdisciplinary, so I enjoy working with people from different backgrounds like architects,

scientists and biologists.”

Where did the references to space and Earth come from?I.v.H.: “It started with a 1968 photo taken by William Anders,

a member of the Apollo 8 mission from the perspective of an astronaut contemplating the Earth from the Moon. Like

our planet, I favored green and blue tones in the collection. The NASA archive was also a great source of inspiration.”

You combine handwork, technology and sustainability with amazing ease – where does this talent come from? I.v.H.:

“There is no one process, but my way of thinking is very interdisciplinary, so I enjoy working with people from different

backgrounds like architects, scientists and biologists. Craft is meant to evolve in a way that allows us to think

about fashion differently and sustainability is obviously part of that evolution. It’s a long journey, but I believe

in it and in putting small steps together.””Last season, we inaugurated a collaboration with the marine environmental

campaign Parley for the Oceans, creating, among other things, an extremely fine and delicate fabric made from plastics

recovered from the ocean. This season, we used that same fabric for several pieces, as well as for some full-length


Of this season’s new pieces, what were the details that gave you the most trouble?I.v.H.: “The main pattern is achieved

through thousands of circles in a range of sizes and tones that create the visual illusion of movement and depth. Each

circle is hand cut and topped with a one millimeter thick border, also cut and glued separately. Another design was

created in collaboration with artist Rogan Brown, whose paper sculptures are the result of layering carefully cut sheets,

often based on scientific illustrations inspired by nature. We have adapted this delicate technique to make flexible,

wearable pieces. Yes, I would say these are the two most testing and gripping elements of anything we’ve developed.”

http://sassivemis1977.unblog.fr/2022/01/19/nike-zoom-university-red-nike-zoom-hyperflight-university-red/ Siermond & Nicholas Fols

Tell us about the film and the collaborators who made it possible.  I.v.H.: “We wanted to convey a sense of

levitation. We shot it partly in France with Domitille, but also over the Dolomites in Italy. The film was

directed by Masha Vasyukova, whose work I admire and have been following for a while now. She was part of

the project from the beginning, when we were developing the collection. But there is also the Nepalese musician

and model Tsunaina who strongly imprinted the film with her person, singing for us.”

What are your aspirations for the future of fashion in a post-pandemic world?I.v.H.: “The moment of sharing

creations in presence is a fundamental aspect in fashion and it will remain so forever, https://finebangle2.doodlekit.com/blog/entry/21188468/air-jordan-1-low-blue-black-white-woman-35-man-5 . But we have discovered other spaces in the way designers express a collection, both digitally and physically.

This gives us incredible freedom and I hope we manage to continue this liberation of expression.”

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