Olivier Rousteing reimagines the Barbie doll and signs an exclusive collection

Olivier Rousteing reimagines the Barbie doll and signs an exclusive collection

In a second collaboration between Mattel and Balmain, Olivier Rousteing unveils an ever more inclusive

Barbie and a brand new collection.

In 1945, at the end of the war, Pierre Balmain, as well as other couturiers such as Cristóbal Balenciaga,

Marie-Louise Carven or Lulien Lelong, contributed to the “Théâtre de la Mode” in order to present their

latest creations. A real traveling show, and carried by the initiative of the Chambre syndicale de la

couture parisienne, Pierre Balmain had dressed more than 200 dolls with outfits created for the occasion

in a miniaturized way. Nearly 80 years later, Olivier Rousteing, the current artistic director of the

French label, has taken his turn in dressing the famous Barbie doll. Following a first collaboration last

year, he is repeating the experience for 2022 with a collection of ready-to-wear and unisex accessories,

available from January 13, as well as Barbie and Ken NFT dolls that will be auctioned online as avatars. 

https://fakesneakernews.blogspot.com/2021/12/nike-air-max-90-essential-black-gold.html Courtesy of Balmain

A joyful and exuberant collection 

Joy and exuberance are the watchwords of this new collection, as Olivier Rousteing proclaims in an official

statement. From his love of imposing graphics to dramatized shoulder pads and the iconic Labyrinth motif,

he draws from Balmain’s signatures to better bathe his pieces in the identifiable Barbie aesthetic. How

does he do it? With pink, of course, but also with a lot of modernity. If the designer seems to want to

free himself from the traditional shackles, this is particularly evident in his silhouettes, almost entirely

unisex. This highlights the idea of a plural and inclusive beauty, at the heart of the Balmain spirit.

In a second collaboration between Mattel and Balmain


Courtesy of Balmain

A call for diversity 

But these collaborations between Mattel and the French house are not just about paying homage to Pierre Balmain:

it’s also about showing a more diverse fashion, presenting more inclusive Barbies. 

“I’m happy to see that these new generation Barbies really reflect the diversity of our Balmain Army” explained

Olivier Rousteing already in March 2021. A way to anchor the iconic blonde doll a little more in our time, while

suggesting that it has not finished influencing the creative industry. These collaborations are part of the trajectory

followed by Olivier Rousteing since his arrival at the artistic direction of Balmain in 2022: that of mixing the

classic heritage of the house with the issues of today’s society. 


Courtesy of Balmain