Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada’s 4 star trends for next winter

Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada’s 4 star trends for next winter

For their third presentation as a duo, the two designers imagine the ideal post-pandemic wardrobe: sequins,

faux fur, crazy coats and a particularly intriguing hybrid bag.

“It’s all the more difficult, because you have to present something that makes sense as a body of work, not

just as a piece of clothing that you watch go by,” said Miuccia Prada in a cross talk with Raf Simons, Marc

Jacobs, Hunter Schaffer, director Lee Daniels, musician Plastikman and architect Rem Koolhaas after the digital

presentation of the Prada Fall/Winter 2021-2022 show. She was talking about the specifics of creating, remotely,

clothes for a near future that we know little about. “Transmutation is the word we always come back to, in

the sense of something that is gradually transforming, changing and rising,” Raf Simons added. That’s what

they did in this collection: working with textile elements we know well and adapting them to what our fashion

desires might be in the times to come. 

The result is four major trends that already make you want to get out of your house next winter… wardhunadogt1972 Prada

A glove becomes a handbag

This is perhaps the most exciting accessory of this early season, which punctuates the entire fashion show: a

long glove close to the body a little retro, on which is placed a small pouch in which you can put the essentials:

a credit card, a set of keys or a stick of lipstick. A pop and hybrid accessory that joins the idea of transmutation

evoked by Raf Simons: in the next world, no need to choose, the beautiful and the practical will become one.



Sequins everywhere and for everyone

On a dress, a coat, a pair of shoes or in the lining of a cape, sequins are no longer confined to evening wear but

integrate the wardrobe of the day. A way of reminding that after the crisis, frustration obliges, everything that

we did not have the opportunity to wear could naturally integrate our daily looks. Starting with everything that


 the two designers imagine the ideal post-pandemic wardrobe: sequins



Statement coats

Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada know how to cut coats better than anyone else, and their latest show is

no exception: bright yellow, sequinned, corduroy or reused nylon, the coats are XXL, in imposing volumes

that are enough to build striking and hyper desirable looks. https://dribbble.com/bakerwinter23 Prada

A glamorous and utilitarian faux fur

Omnipresent on coats, capes and accessories, faux fur is both provocative and protective: it elevates a

sober black look, protects from the cold, reveals a decorative lining or wraps a handbag. In a touch or

in a total look, it translates both the desire for an exuberant fashion and a protective intimacy: https://public.sitejot.com/jasonniece9.html, the perfect balance for the post-pandemic.

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